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Sick Kids – A Wish List Gift

Christmas is definitely filled with merriment of all sorts. Parties, family get-togethers, office shindigs, and late nights out abound. Christmas is certainly filled with gifts. From navigating mall parking lots to those final pieces of tape, we all love giving and getting presents. However, nothing captures the spirit of Christmas more than charity.

Since I was eight years old I have been touched by, and donated to several charitable causes. There is never a year wherein I don’t find a cause that warms my heart. This year however, I have found one that invokes my deepest passions, and my greatest desires to give: Sick Kids “A Wish List Gift.”

For those unfortunate children who have to spend the holidays in a hospital, here is a chance to bring a smile to their deserving faces. Sick Kids is my favorite Toronto charity, and it is an honor to help them in any way I can. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for supporting Dreamland this holiday season, and hopefully a few deserving children as well.


  • Anonymous

    Great way to end our Christmas Advent, with a charitable gift!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    I agree with John. This was the perfect ending to our string of gift ideas! What a great cause. I’m obviously in full support. Good on ya brother!

  • Anonymous

    The perfect gift from the perfect blog and the perfect boy who wrote it.

  • Anonymous

    My three brothers coming together for the conclusion… thank you so much for supporting this idea. I will be going to Sick Kids this week to do what I can, and I will send my love. They are a slice of my heart, and an important one at that. Love you guys for lending the love in turn.

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