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Who among us is willing to have our perversions exposed? Closet doors slide shut for good reason. I can admit I have my own twisted talents and triggers. My exes could reveal a few and others a different shade. I have a past with points relayed in grins and others peeked through with shame. Perhaps there are those that live in glass houses where all their good can be seen. Those of us still capable of evil believe see-through sanctuaries are for exhibitionists; when we go home we close our curtains.

New comer Steve McQueen unveiled the depths of such sexual turmoil in his film, “Shame.” The story of Brandon Sullivan and his addiction is impressive. Though the masses will sling mud at it and call it a “vulgar mess,” I couldn’t disagree more. When I exited my screening Sunday afternoon cat-calls and disappointed sighs washed over the audience. It felt as though the group came to see it because it was rare and rave reviewed. Truth-be-told Shame is on a minimal amount of screens in America, and even less in Canada. Possibly it was the Hard R/NC-17 rating that excited this crowd into a casual nooner. What they were confronted with was harder to swallow.

Soon after the opening credits the central character’s vicious cycle is made evident. He wants to feel alive, he fucks, feels exactly so, and falls apart. The spin is small at the start, just around the room in fact. However, as the movie goes on the circle grows and the intensity of each stage expands in turn.  Brandon embodies the title in every action, he loathes himself and several integral scenes express this. To me the one’s to watch/remember are as follows: his time at home with Sissy; the afternoon with Marianne; and his all-night binge in brothels. Three sides of the same story that really hit home for those that respect its brutal honesty.

Michael Fassbender silently sells the whole symposium with convincing chops. I’d be a foul not to nominate him for Best Actor of the year, and so I will. Not only does he let it all hang out, he becomes a script with few words, (and that is an art few are daring enough to do). Though there is little catharsis in this movie, I find a lot in the conversation that follows. Being corrupt is hard to admit, and vulnerable is difficult to be. However, what’s harder is to let those who love you do so and trust them with your secrets. Shame is a movie filled with many… just like me and my life at the movies.


  • http://twitter.com/ryanhancock9 Ryan Hancock

    Awesome blog man, I loved this. Nice to see you getting vulnerable here. It sounds like I need to check out this film.

    • Anonymous

      You most definitely do my man, also, check out My Week With Marilyn. I saw it last night and it is absolutely incredible. 7 more until 100!

      • http://twitter.com/ryanhancock9 Ryan Hancock

        What are the last 7 you’re going to see!?

      • Anonymous

        The Sitter, The Artist, MI4: Ghost Protocol, Sherlock Holmes 2, Tin Tin, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and War Horse ;)

      • http://twitter.com/ryanhancock9 Ryan Hancock

        nice man! I’m going to see MI4 in Toronto so I can see the Dark Knight Rises prologue haha and I’ll probably go see Sherlock 2 so I can see the Dark Knight Rises second trailer 

  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece man. This sounds like such an eye opener, and if the final product is anything like the mastery you’ve discussed above and the brilliance I witnessed in the trailer, this film will be one to remember. Great coverage.

    • Anonymous

      It is definitely a movie I know you will love. Most will be offended, but as we discussed I believe you will appreciate the constant emotional contrast present in the movie.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you loved it man.  This was a tough one to work on as we really couldnt advertise it much due to it’s rating but Steve McQueen, who already has a couple of amazing movies in his catalogue, did such a great job with it.  I’m hoping Fassbender gets an Oscar nom, I truly think he deserves it.

    • Anonymous

      I also agree that at the minimum he deserves a nomination, if not the award itself. So excited to see him in Cronenberg’s new film.

  • Claravaz1

    I really loved this movie. I left feel grim and depressed but very moved by the whole composition of the film and the ending scene of the threesome and the sheer desperation was so sad.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It’s heavy as all hell, but it’s an eye opening weight to lift. Glad you liked it. You should see The Artist btw. 

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