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The circumstances surrounding my movie going adventures are not always had in front of a silver screen. Sometimes they’re had at Reggae concerts amidst a sea of curious smoke. This last Tuesday was one such evening. While I waited with friends for Collie Buddz to ignite the stage I got on my Twitter feed. After scrolling through a few tweets I noticed another friend discussing his frustration over “Sequels & Remakes.”

It’s true, the current movie market is full of such and as summer sneaks closer their existence only increases. However, I’ve found that being upset does little to improve my situation. It’s easier to just sit back and enjoy them instead.

Storytellers continue to fawn over the same material, fans demand for their favorites to return, and like it or not we all seem to see them.  We all seem to fight for and over them too. They’re like a fire we gather round familial like. They provide us with a language we all can speak, scream, and laugh with. The movie I saw two days after Tuesday’s concert popped up as poignant example.

Thanks to my day job a few friends and I saw an early screening of Scre4m. This particular sequel was helmed by a man I’d recently lost faith in. Wes Craven is certainly the master of cheeky slashers, but his last foray was one I definitely disliked. That said, I knew I couldn’t miss out on the return of Neve Campbell to the series she survived.

Neve wasn’t the only cast and crew back for this fourth round. Courtney Cox and David Arquette returned as a married couple (at least an on-screen one), and Craven along with Williamson were back behind the creative end of things. I must applaud Williamson first and foremost. Not only did he pen a logical setting for the characters to come back to, he also reignited the mystery evident in the first flick.

Most importantly Scre4m boasts the most babes of any other film in the franchise. Hayden looked hot as hell with her mini beehive and non-stop sass. However, Emma Roberts was my preferred muse. Even before seeing this ghost-faced sequel it was her association with the project that excited me most. I must say that I was not let down as her role was both central and viciously clever. Like any sequel its success is assured because of how it integrates the old with the new. The torch was truly passed and this stab-a-thon was re-baptized in blood.

Scre4m is just the start. With Transformers, Twilight, and Harry Potter all eclipsing soon my excuse to see some more old friends is promised. That includes all of you who accompany my adventures or read about them online. What would the blog be without a few sequels and remakes we can all relate to? After all, though its purpose is personal, thanks to the likes we share you have all found your way into my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    I really didn’t like it as much as I thought I would (not to say I didn’t enjoy it – I did!). I just forgot how goofy the series was in terms of the “Horror” genre. But I have to remind myself that this is a TEEN movie and a good one at that.

    Wes did a great job with directing it though. He still has the magic touch for this type of flick, the movie looked and felt great. Most of my issues were with the closing of the script. Wes is a genius and will go down in the half of fame. Gotta go back and watch Serpent & the Rainbow. Forgot he Directed that!

    • Anonymous

      We definitely enjoyed it for different reasons. I thought the insanity that ensued throughout the vicious and long ending was amazing. I guess I still love the villain’s explanatory speech at films end. That and the shock at finding out who was wearing the costume this time around.

  • Chris Elliott

    I can’t wait to see this flick. What a cool piece too dude. Very nicely done sir. The 2nd and 3rd installments were so-so, but this one definitely looks promising.

    • Anonymous

      Be prepared for long tirades and hilarious hi-jinx… lots of blood too. This one gets the most meta of the bunch by really analyzing itself for the modern era. I dug it, and I think you will too. Just don’t go to get scared, as any fan of the series knows, this is more about who done it than being terrified by who did.

  • http://twitter.com/sabrina_camp sabrina

    i really enjoyed this movie.
    damn did i ever scream & jump outta my seat lol.
    thanks for the company friends :)

    • Anonymous

      You really did enjoy this movie, and I have to say you were one of the big reasons I loved it so much. Seeing you get into it helped me do the same :)

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