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Saw 3D

After living in Uganda for seventeen months I moved to Tanzania in 2003. I settled into the city of Dar Es Salaam and quickly made many new friends. The one I remember most was Matthew; a solid father-figure and all around stand-up guy. I always enjoyed debating politics and religion with Matthew; he was a bright man with insightful ideas.

Almost seven years ago to date I visited his home and was informed he was ill. Returning the next day I could see that he had gotten worse. Thereafter I debated over what to do. I knew he would need financial assistance, but as to how much I didn’t know. Uneasy over the implications it would have on my personal life, but raised to accept the responsibility to aid in full, I gave Matthew and his family all the money I had. Sadly, the money never got to pay for his care, instead it provided for his funeral.

Saw 3D is the proposed conclusion to the most successful franchise in the history of horror. Filmed right here in Toronto, this final chapter reiterates that life must be fought for in order to be earned.

The Legacy of Jigsaw lives on in a variety of characters who work independently to insure such. Creative and gruesome ends are provided for those not willing to approach death in the hopes of preventing it. It’s a three-dimensional gore-fest bound to make any audience member squirm.

The plot is thin, the dialog ‘tongue-and-cheek,’ and the visuals simply torture-porn. Yet, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The movie is enjoyable; it’s only their morality play that I struggle with. The entire mission of Jigsaw and his minions seems utterly hypocritical. Their need to play God and judge the living is ludicrous. To assume empathy by tinkering together pseudo-erotic torture devices seems seriously anti-productive. However, as psychotic as the premise may be, it is nevertheless easy to decipher.

Underneath the surface of this bloodied pornography there still remains a hint of its desired message. Namely, life is something to be cherished and embraced. Matthew was my first friend to pass on. His untimely and mysterious death had a serious and lasting effect on me. I realized then, as I do now, that since tomorrow is never promised today must be enjoyed.

My recommendation would be to see this film for some 3D Halloween splendor. Not because the Jigsaw theory has any credibility. That’s my two cents, that’s my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    Heart-warming story man, never knew that about you. Very well written.

    “Saw” a few of these films and they fell off after the first two really. since this is billed as the “last” one imma check it. but shit, im watching friday the 13th: final chapter as we speak and theres about 7 after this one!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it does not even end like it would be an ending… thus I don’t trust it will be either. HAPPY BDAY BRO!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    This film was a roar – 3D blood splatter, recycled corny one liners, and the anchor of this series … this is a must see if you’ve been a fan of any one of Jigsaws twisted puzzles ~ Thanks again Mr. Godfrey, I can still taste the brain matter

    • Anonymous

      Anytime my man. No one has attended more MLatM’s than you. And for all of those interested there may be a sixth and final MLatM for horror month. I am still debating the idea of a throwback movie, so we shall see ;)

  • Chris Elliott

    I wish I could have gone to see that with you brother! I’m glad you enjoyed it. The saw franchise is one that I have invested fully in. And once this comes out on DVD I will absolutely see it.

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