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My father has always been an ambitious and unique individual. He’s a corporate world column upholding the successes of capitalism brilliantly. Yet, his formal education is in medicine and psychology. Typically, a ‘suit-and-tie’ gentleman his wardrobe recently received the addition of mountain ready gear and hunter colored camouflage.

It’s nice to see the old man enjoying some re-discovered hobbies, however, nature never knew him better than when he was adventuring in her oceans. Since my pre-school days my father has been an avid scuba-diver. From Mexico to Hawaii, and all the way down to Australia, pops has traveled the world whilst witnessing her underwater sites.

I have many memories of my dad and his scuba addiction. When I was six he bought me my first dive-watch, a red Citizen rip-off with a unidirectional bezel we picked up from Consumers Distributing. I remember when he went shark diving, when he got attacked by an octopus, and when he injured his eye diving with manta ray. Most of all I remember how much he loved it, but I never went along to find out why.

These memories flooded my mind the other night whilst attending the Toronto premiere for Sanctum. Billed as a James Cameron production the flick is more specifically the loose reenactment of his friend Andrew Wight’s experience.

Though the film takes a darker look at Wight’s real-life adventure, it nevertheless depicts his love for the ocean beautifully. With the aid of Cameron’s 3D technology the film is provided with great visual depth. The open waters, vast jungles, and claustrophobic caves were rendered extremely well for the IMAX experience.

Sure the acting is a little lackluster and the storyline rather predictable, but the heart that echoes in these caves is genuine and enjoyable. The plot boils down to a tale about a father and son who don’t understand each other. Yet, when faced with the trails the movie throws at them, they learn what it means to be family.

I didn’t expect to enjoy this movie as much as I did. Sure I enjoyed the visuals from the onset, but it wasn’t until it fleshed out the father/son narrative that I really thought the movie worth my while. I know what it is like to misunderstand and be overwhelmed by a patriarch. In some people’s eyes I appear prosperous, yet, compared to my father it’s as though I’ve accomplished nothing. Nevertheless, like the discoveries had in that subterranean sanctum my father reminded me recently that I am his greatest success. Thanks dad! Without you there is no my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    Nicely written, enjoyed the father-son aspect.

    In regards to the flick, most likely will not check this one. Not really my type of flick.

    • Anonymous

      Fair enough… but it is a really good flick ;)

  • KWgirl

    I’ve looked at this movie and tried to figure out if I want to go or not. The underwater experience scares me to death, but knowing it’s about a father/son relationship, I guess I should give it a go!
    Nicely written:) I had forgotten all about Consumers Distributing….like the nostalgia it brought back.

    • Anonymous

      I figured you would like this one. I think dad will love it… but again, see it only in IMAX 3D (not regular 3D). I told dad this on the phone. I’ve heard that the regular 3D on this is faulty. Anyways, thanks for reading mom. Tonight I’ll be writing a double-feature on two 80′s flicks I saw this weekend thanks to “The Digital Film Festival” & “Front Row Centre.” Namely, Big Trouble In Little China & The Goonies :D

      • KWgirl

        I would have thought you had those 2 movies memorized!
        Did you know we have NEVER seen a 3D movie yet. I’m seriously not sure if I could handle it or not…seriously!!! 3D completely scares the crap out of me…I already jump out of my seat at regular movies:)

      • Anonymous

        MOM! It’s just 3D! They had it in the 70′s for goodness sakes. Anyways, I do have those two movies memorized… but check out the cool blog and story I did on both films in my latest blog :)

        Also, TIFF Bell Lightbox (where we went for dinner), is showing Monster Squad, Dark Crystal, and The Last Starfighter!!! Prepare for those blogs soon. So much movie blogging and new #mlatm ideas coming soon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    Wow man. That was awesome. I totally want to hear more about your dad, and I really want to see this movie! That was a fabulous write up. Nice work.

    • Anonymous

      @ChrisAndFame — Thx slime. It’s not an Oscar movie, it’s a visual adventure that anyone looking for fun will enjoy. More important with this piece was the fact it gave me an opportunity to share another slice of the family life ;)

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