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Saint Valentine’s Day

The third century brought with it an increase of chaos. The throne was filled with military men, and the empire was torn asunder. Divided and assaulted from every direction Rome struggled to protect the lands its Caesar won. Following a mutinous murder Claudius Gothicus claimed the crown with a barbarous grip. Later legends lead us to believe that he declared a cruel class of martial law. In order to conquer the brutal Goths that beset his borders he needed men to make it happen. Yet, the youth of Rome had become consumed with romance. Hearing this he abolished the sacred institution of marriage and demanded that the able bodies fight.

The third century brought with it a new gnosis. Christianity was exiting its infancy and embarking upon the next stage of its enlightenment. Great minds such as Clement and Origin began to question their beliefs and record their answers. Great hearts such as Valintinus bled for their beliefs instead. Better known as Valentine this bishop of the budding faith lived while Claudius reigned. A treasured story states that he disagreed with his ruler’s declaration and married lovers in secret. Caught in his crime and unwilling to repent his head was removed to make a point.

Whatever it was the people’s piety triumphed and the memory of Valentine was immortalized instead. For years his remains rested beneath the hallowed site of his execution. However, they now reside in Dublin where couples come every February 14th to have their affection blessed. For you see Saint Valentine’s Day is far more than just an exchange of cards and dinner reservations. It is a myth filled with intrigue about a man who died for the sanctity of sacrament.

I hope to honor his name this year by honoring hers. Somehow the saint saw fit to see us back together. Eighteen months of pain and separation; five seasons of change and lessons. First a fall, one from grace. Next came winter, too much to take. Spring rose red and cut the same. Summer arrived and nothing changed. Fall returned, oh how I missed her. Now we’re in the warmest winter.

The love blog now bears the title brighter. That’s what makes this Valentine’s Day different. I’m no longer crying out, or trying to escape the pain. I’m holding her close, and saying goodnight daily. I love you is said more often, but soon the day arrives wherein we celebrate this fact. Not because of Hallmark or any other brand, but because the day is made sacred by sacrifice. I’ve never enjoyed the festivities with a love to call my own, it’s only fitting that she be my first. My prayer is she’ll be my last.

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  • Chris Elliott

    Wow man. Amazing. Great piece. This is very impressive and I actually see your point with regards to the ACTUAL significance of the day. I will never celebrate another Valentines day, but I’m glad that those who wish to (including yourself), enjoy it.

    • Anonymous

      Most things in life boil down to personal preference my man ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i love the last line ‘My prayer is she’ll be my last’ :) <3

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