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Rural Alberta Advantage

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/The-Rural-Alberta-Advantage_12_Edmonton.mp3|titles=Edmonton]With Canada’s birthday on Friday, I thought I would show my patriotism by covering a Canadian band this week. So I’m going home this week: Rural Alberta Advantage from Toronto.

Sadly, I only discovered Rural Alberta Advantage a short time ago, so I’ve wasted time without this trio in my playlist. However, now I have been able to enjoy the greatness of their two albums.

What could be more Canadian than a name like Rural Alberta Advantage? Their debut album Hometowns. With tracks entitled “Edmonton” and “The Deathbridge in Lethbridge,” Rural’s passion for their home country is on full display. The songs cover everything from moving away from home in order to try to make it big, to falling in love and feeling loss. This album has a perfect combination of soft acoustic tracks and up-tempo rock songs.

What makes Rural Alberta Advantage so different in comparison to other bands is the originality of lead singer Nils Edenloff’s voice as well as the addition of female Amy Cole on stunning backup vocals and keyboards. Drummer Paul Banwatt’s beats are both intricate and complicated, though the drums aren’t at the center of most of the tunes.

Their sophomore album Departing was more of the same, showcasing a mixture of heavy and soft tracks, while continuing the same intensity throughout. One of the standout songs on this album is the first single “Stamp,” which has been featured on the latest Molson Canadian commercial.

Although Amy’s soft voice is absent on some songs like great acoustic track “Coldest Days,” she is a key piece of album closer “Good Night.” When her voice is present, it adds a great fullness to the sound. I would really love to hear more of her on their next album. That’s one of the only things missing from the Rural Alberta Advantage.

Like every artist I’ve covered so far, these guys have some incredible passion for their music. If you can listen to the ending of “Frank, Ab” without feeling any sort of emotion in yourself, I applaud you. “Under the rubble of the mountain that tumbled, I’ll hold you forever. They’ll build up another on the bodies of our brothers, and I’ll love you forever.” You can feel the pain in Edenloff’s voice, and it’s one of the most memorable moments in any of their songs.

This trio is slowly making Canada proud and will hopefully be able to take the next step in the music industry. Get in the spirit of Canada Day, love your country, and support some of your country’s fantastic musical acts. Rural Alberta Advantage is just another example of the Great White North’s talent.

Hope you enjoy another music blog, and please give me a shout if you’ve got any suggestions, I would love to check out some of your bands![audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/09-Coldest-Days.mp3|titles=Coldest Days]

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  • Anonymous

    The first song is absolutely breathtaking. I have to say I was moved by that twangy little ballad. The video is clever and cute too boot for the second song. Though the second song wasn’t as mesmerizing as the first. However, it was enjoyable nonetheless. The third song was beautiful, I actually changed my BBM status to some memorable lyrics within it. I really dig these guys. I love cold Canadian emotions. It is why I love Drake, and why I enjoyed these guys. GREAT JOB!!! (Didn’t take you long to find someone I liked). 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      YES!!! I have impressed Jon Godfrey, that is a huge weight off of my shoulders. haha I’m glad you liked it man, I’m not a huge fan of “Stamp” either but I had to put it up just because of how cool the video is. And yeah, Edmonton is my favourite song of theirs, it gets me so pumped! Thanks again man!

  • Chris Elliott

    I really dug the first song dude. Amazing! Also, very well written once again, homie. I’m a little shocked that I was actually able to give these guys a fair chance, given their name.

    Rural Alberta Advantage. Say that 10 times fast! ahahah

    Salut, kind sir!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      I completely agree on the name thing, I just say RAA now because saying the full thing is just a tongue twister. Glad you liked em man, they’re easily one of my favourite bands right now. Thanks again brother!

  • Anonymous

    You do it to me every time…. you get me hooked so much on your posts I listen to the same songs on repeat for an entire week until you drop your next blockbuster. 

    I actually feel like I’d have something to talk about now If I ever got into a conversation with someone drinking Pabst at a bar and wearing a toque in the middle of the summer.

    Awesome band. I love the Canadian influence. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      wow, that’s pretty praise man, blockbuster? you’re crazy! but that’s what I’m here for, to make sure if you ever get into conversation with one of those aforementioned “hipsters,” you’ll be able to somewhat survive the conversation. They’ll look down on you regardless because “they knew about them before you did,” but what can you do. What’s your favourite of the 3 songs man?

      • Anonymous

        I really dig stamp. I love the female backup vocals. They get to me. Like you said, I really wish they would use more of her. Oh, Connor Sziklasi has your shirt as well. Just got to pick it up from him. 

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