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Runway: The Handbag

First heels, now handbags… wow this is a serious case of effeminate alliteration. Truthfully it’s a welcome edition to the blog. Following the posting of my “Stilettos” piece I realized we still have a lot to offer our women readers. Thus, without further ado, my second passion in women’s fashion… the handbag.

Like most of my ‘likes’, that for women’s handbags started off in a unique way. I grew up the son of a serious metrosexual. My father’s closet has always contained a lot of unique items, but one which often caught my eye was his leather goods. From bags to money clips my father always had a vast array of leathered accessories. Among the many names that adorned these pieces was that of “Coach,” and because of this I always thought it a refined men’s store.

In my late teenage years I dated a self-assured fashionista. This barely post-pubescent girl had a sultry mix of sass and class, and draped across her arm you could always find a cute little handbag. Once I took notice of the name everything changed. She wore Coach too! Upon realizing that quality leather could be enjoyed by women too my eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities.

Over the years I came to care not only for name brands, but also a woman’s personal selection regarding such. From the style to the color I’ve always thought of a woman’s handbag as an insight into her character. Call me petty, but if a handbag holds a woman’s life within it, I find it important to see how she holds herself together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classy Coach clutch or a posh Prada purse, what matters is if it’s an honest portrayal of who she is. What matters is if like the skin of a beautiful woman… It still contains a intellectual interior.

I’ve known such a girl, and like those heels I love, I similarly miss seeing a handbag laid down beside my bed.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Lloyd-Lay-It-Down.mp3|titles=Lloyd - Lay It Down]


  • Sharlene

    Great way to look at the handbag as a reflection of a woman and her life and character. My only concern with this piece is that the emphasis seems to be on the “quality” of a woman’s choice accessory. I would say that for the most part, the average woman can not afford the “quality” of which you speak. I think about 85% of the women seen sporting name brand and real leather handbags have made the choice to either pay their credit card bills or buy that great purse you notice. To me, this choice speaks the loudest volume of all. An intelligent, ambitious, responsible woman, a woman I would like to think is the most desirable to the opposite sex, would buy her handbag at WalMart and put the money she saved towards her RRSPs, mortgage or charity. Unfortunately, the reality is that this woman goes completely unnoticed or even worse, is misjudged because she has different priorities.

    • Jon.Godfrey

      I would agree with your sentiments without question. My issue is I never see things that way, as you know :)

  • sabrina

    ‘what matters is if it’s an honest portrayal of who she is.’
    i definitely think purses are a portrayal of a woman.
    take me for example, love love love the cross-chest bag and it’s TOYALLY me hehe.
    i liked this blog, keep it up jon. (Y)

  • KWgirl

    Good thing you looked at your fathers leather goods and not your mothers! It’s taken me many years to realize you do get what you pay for. I bought my first leather Dooney & Bourke bag a few weeks ago. I couldn’t bring myself to pay the $300+ of the original price but at over 75% off I didn’t mind the $100+ it cost. It will last me the rest of my life…and it’s timeless. However, I agree with Sabrina, I wouldn’t NOT date the person because of her purse. Better money in the bank than being carried on her arm. Just my 2 cents:)

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