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Rosemary’s Baby

Seeing that my parents live in Salt Lake City, (and my sister in London), much of my familial life is created. Meaning, what I consider family oft times are those who have become more than friends. The primary people in this group are two couples. They are two shining examples of what a relationship requires: conversation; patience; mutual support; and unconditional love. Suffice it to say I love and admire these four individuals, and I am blessed to have them in my life. Yesterday was another testament to this truth.

Fellow blogger, and my self-proclaimed older brother (@JGSuckafree) brought his better-half along for a special showing of “Rosemary’s Baby.” The event was arranged by the good people at Mirvish as entertaining advertising for their upcoming theatrical horror “Ghost Stories.” Held at Carlton Cinema, I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the venue. Having never gone there before I was amazed by the great service, quality concessions, and stunning theatrical spaces. Sure they aren’t the largest, but they’re certainly clean, classy and comfy.

Add the fact our pre-show consisted of live music, we entered the main event with uplifted spirits And thank god for that positivity! Though John tossed me a few quality tid-bits before the reel ran, I knew very little about Rosemary’s Baby. What I did know was that it related to Anton LaVey and his Satanic Order.

For the uninitiated Anton LaVey is the founder of “The Church of Satan,” and the author of its “Satanic Bible.” I’ve read the latter out of overwhelming interest. Call me crazy, but I’ve had an obsession with the occult since I was in grade school. LaVey’s diatribe is a clever little set of psalms and observations, but it is nothing to worry about. As usual the occult seems to inspire wilder imaginations then it does realities. Rosemary’s Baby is certainly a shining example of that fact.

Mia Farrow stars as the beautifully innocent Rosemary. Her plight as a santanic vessel is a slice of cinema every horror fan should see. Though I wasn’t initially impressed by the end, it now lingers in my mind. It’s amazing the decisions we make for family. Sometimes I feel like those I love are simply putting up with my demonic bravado. I thank them for it. And I thank Amanda for informing us about this limited engagement. I can’t wait until we all get together to see Ghost Stories!!! Until then, and as always, it’s all love from me and my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    YEAHHHHH BUDDY! I’d like to first thank the author Ira Levin and the director/screenplayer Roman Polanski for this film. It hearkens back to a time when they didn’t need to shock you to make you feel uncomfortable!

    Thanks to my pops for getting me into these types of flicks as well!

    • Anonymous

      Yezzir! Gus-Gus time!!! Also… that is exactly what Insidious is about. Can’t wait to watch it with you.

  • Jonathanleebrock


  • Chris Elliott

    Glad you liked it brother. It’s a sick movie. In a couple ways ahaha. Mia Farrow is definitely at her best. Great piece slime.

    • Anonymous

      I loved it. I really loved Mia’s performance. That is Academy Award worthy material if I’ve ever seen some. I was completely convinced she was Rosemary, and the plight was real!!!

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