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[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Kill-Bill-Soundtrack-Vol.1-01-Bang-Bang-My-Baby-Shot-Me-Down-Nancy-Sinatra.mp3|titles=Kill Bill (Soundtrack) (Vol.1) - 01 - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra]

Though they were her final words I mimic them at the onset: promise me two things. First, don’t get mad at what I’m about to do.

Not simply write another Sucker Punch themed romance, but to interlace it with truths that may be hard to hear. This signature series began with a trilogy; a multi-topic look at love… and a life without the same. Sequels sprinkled but none as collective in thought as those inspired by these three themed angels. In each I see my muse, but just as I assumed the role of Babydoll to introduce you to my Sweet Pea, let me reuse this transitional tactic once again.

Like Sweet Pea I too often play the proverbial “blame game.” Though my solitude is self-induced I instead burden my Rocket with the weight. Apathy is easy. Cold stares and furious statements fall effortlessly off my lips whenever things don’t go my way. Wicked words she never need hear… and I never need say. You see she exudes innocence despite being introduced to its opposite. She’s stuck in this shit with me, and she’d tell you the fault’s all hers. In my silence I know it’s everything but. You see she’s stubborn, convinced a return to happiness is a risk worth the reward. It is… I in my fear am the only one that argues against this. You see she’s beautiful, and like a fool she’s oblivious to this truth.

I on the other hand am not. I still love her and at times that fact is frustrating. But lately I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. For what if I were truly forced like Sweet Pea to hold my heart in my hands, and hear her life’s last words. Though the thought is horrifying the exercise is important. If this were like a letter, the last of its kind, what would I say? With her dying in my arms what would I tell her?

I love you wouldn’t suffice. It’s always either grandiose or under-stating. I’ll miss you is a truth, but it’s one I live with and won’t want to face forever. I’m sorry is a tad too dramatic, for there’s no need to let her life conclude in sadness. You’re the girl of my dreams… it seems the truth would best be said by then. If only there were time to explain, to make that more than a statement, but that’s what silent anger gets you. Love without a life until it’s dying in your arms.

And if it were I hope instead of speaking I would listen; to hear her simply whisper would mean the world. Yet, if the roles were reversed, and I lay dying before you I’d ask you to promise me this…

That though your story is a complicated one, you’ll treasure the pages I wrote.


  • Chris Elliott

    Chilling last line! Oh my god. Very good piece my man. Well written and scored. Loved this one brother. Applause.

    • Anonymous

      Did you get to read Sweet Pea yet? I know you were gone, but this trilogy came together unexpectedly… and well. We gotta go see this movie together. Let me know what you’re saying this week. Love you, and thanks for liking the piece. I was unsure about this one, (but I often am when I write such things).

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