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Road to the Throne

Whenever something like this happens in Hip-Hop, something so big, so profound and so highly anticipated, I feel like I’m 8 years old on Christmas morning. As a die-hard rap fan, a marriage between your two favorite artists on one song is enough to cause significant excitement. A whole album’s worth of collaborative songs is the closest thing to a musical orgasm I can think of.

Jay-Z is my favorite rapper of all time… So is Kanye West. These two have been at a dead tie atop my rap list for years, and when I heard the news that a collaborative project between the two of them was an actual possibility, I was unfathomably elated. Understanding the potential of quality in which both artists undeniably possess, is one thing. Realizing what they could accomplish together is something totally different.

Upon listening to H.A.M (their first liberated taste to the public), my curiosities were satisfied. I immediately took comfort in the fact that my sky-high expectations for this album would be met. Earlier last week, those expectations were once again met with an insider mini-documentary covering a brief period of the album’s creation.

Filmed in an Australian mansion where Watch The Throne was created, fans get the ultra-rare treat of peering into the looking glass of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s creative process.  In the most personal and intimate way possible, you are treated with the opportunity to see them work not only as fellow recording artists and label-mates, but as brothers. Watching this 10 minute documentation, completely solidified my confidence in these two men.

On August 8th, the highly anticipated album drops. Stay tuned.


*Check out their newest single “Otis”*

Kanye West & Jay-z – Otis

Watch The Throne Documentary (PULLED FROM THE SERVER)


  • Anonymous

    I’m still letting “Otis” digest. The album’s feel has not really inspired me yet. That said, the fact they worked with Odd Future (via Frank Ocean), and the album art are things that have. In a weeks time we shall see where all the titled hype has led to. In the meantime it is good to know that there are those excited like yourself, it aids the anticipation. 

    • Chris Elliott

      Yesir. I’m pretty pumped about it man. It’s looking like it will be a really cool project.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, SO exicted about this album!  I was actually talking about it yesterday.

    For me, I have been FULL satisfied with what they have done.  This isnt Lil Wayne pumping out track after track.  This is artisty at work.  Kanye is a perfectionist and he always brings out the best in Jay.

    I’ll be watching this doc over lunch today!

    • Chris Elliott

      Couldn’t agree more my man. Like I said in the piece, my 2 favorite geniuses coming together. It’s going to be the album of the summer for sure. No question. It’s times like this when I’m feel so honored to be a fan of hip-hop.

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