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Riff Raff

I’m a hater. These days… well, all days actually, it takes a lot impress me. I came up in a time where lyrics were king and if you didn’t have delivery, and technical skill on the microphone, you were brushed off to the side with the other B-Grade emcees trying to chase the diamond sparkle. However, upon conception of every living, breathing, growing thing, evolution is inevitable. Enter my tolerance and eventual appreciation for Riff Raff.

A few years ago amongst the Jay-Z’s, Common’s, Kanye West’s and Eminem’s I miraculously came across a southern “rapper” by the name of Riff Raff. Like most of you, I watched his antics for the first time on MTV’s From G’s To Gents. His loud wardrobe, out of context vocabulary and general flamboyancy infuriated me just as much as it peeked my undeniable curiosity. I had never seen someone so outwardly ridiculous (aware and content of that label, by the way) in my entire life. As a result, I had to know more.

I scoured Youtube until I found his appropriately outlandish channel Ronald Vaughns. Within, you can literally trace his steps backwards to the point where he began rapping. It still remains to be decided if he has improved what-so-ever on his 3 year journey to relevancy.

Riff Raff employs a policy in his image that can only be described as what you see, is what you get. There is no facade, no gimmick, no trickery. He is simply a bad rapper, with no ability to create intelligent lyrics. He can barely keep his bars on time with a beat and he literally makes up words. That being said, all of his foolishness, all of his animated banter, all of his ridiculous behavior led him straight to the big leagues. As of June 2011, Riff Raff was the newest member of Soulja Boy’s majorly distributed record label SODMG. Since then, his appeal and iconic stature has exponentially grown.

With an album on the way, the attention of the rap world and some industry heavyweights on his side of the ring, “The Rice Emperor”, “Bill Brasky”, “The Freestyle Scientist” “Rap Game King Tut” is well on his way to fame and fortune.


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  • Anonymous

    I’m not a huge fan of Riff Raff, but I love senseless rap. You grew up with too much NYC/LA my brother, lyrics were only important to a select few in that circle. Ignorance and nonsense lyrics have been a part of the game since day one. It’s a multi-layered world with something for almost everyone. Always interested to read about your own journey through the same. Keep writing. I enjoyed this inside look as usual. SLIME!

  • Anonymous

    Oh ya… don’t make me bring the Rice out! LOL. You find the most entertaining shit. I love it. 

  • Chris Elliott

    Glad that you enjoyed this dude. Riff is fuckin hilarious, and I’m excited to see what he does with his career in the near future. Should definitely be entertaining.

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