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Return to the Winners Circle

In my final year of undergrad I approached clubs week with renewed purpose. In addition to my beloved ASA (and its sister clubs), I signed up to write for the Western Gazette. Like most of the ambitious wordsmiths that congregated for that first meeting, I wanted to write for their Entertainment section. However, unlike the rest of the group I wanted to control my own content. Stubborn as ever I endeavored to be the solo hip-hop reviewer amidst a sea of college-rock-rejects.

It is that spirit that returns me to my keyboard to discuss Curren$y’s latest mixtape “Return to the Winners Circle.” However, unlike the old days I will not be providing a score. Why? Because I don’t write reviews for content I don’t enjoy. With that said, let the love begin.

After a nearly two year hiatus from the racing circuit, Spitta returns to the Winner’s Circle with renewed vigor. Released minutes after we entered twenty-eleven Curren$y comes with his braggadocios best in this traditional take on the mixtape; traditional because the production is provided primarily by previously recorded rap gems. For example: his gritty take on the recording industry (Record Deals) is crooned over the ATLiens classic “Mainstream.”

In addition, the video single “Daze of Thunder” is laced a top the Yeezy produced “Live Fast, Die Young.” Yet, no matter what beat bangs in the background Curren$y remains bow-tie till he dies by spitting his love for Chevy. He adds in a pinch of pilot talk for all those still playing with paper planes; and he proves once again that he is the hardest working man in hip-hop by giving us even more material to study.

With two albums planned for 2011 and a mixtape with Alchemist I’m sure to have even more JETS life to relax to, write to, and blog about. Thx Spitta!

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/07-Record-Deals.mp3|titles=07 Record Deals]


  • Anonymous

    Great break-down man! Love me some Spitta flows! Can’t wait to get these, been busy the last few days!

    • Anonymous

      This year promises to be even crazier for JETS head pilot Curren$y. He is teaming up with Sean O’Connell (label-mate and folk singer/songwriter) for “Muscle Car Chronicle.” It will be released later this year, and of course him and Ski are returning to do Pilot Talk 3! Get your paper planes ready buddy ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    Great piece man. Spitta is only just beginning his takeover. What an amazing mixtape and video.

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