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Randy Moss

Randy Moss plays for the Tennessee Titans.

Wait… doesn’t he play for the Minnesota Vikings?  How about the New England Patriots?

Well, all of the above would be correct as Moss is now on his third team this year!

How can a player of this calibre be on his third team, this year, already? With barely half the season finished!  If you’re familiar with Randy Moss’ career you already know the answer.

Controversy has followed Moss throughout his entire life. In high school he was involved in a fight that sent a student to the hospital.  He was thus charged with a felony, (which was later downgraded after the fight was discovered to be racially motivated).  Five months later Moss was sentenced to two counts of Battery and thereafter served time in prison.  That mark on his record ruined his chances with several colleges including his dream school, Notre Dame.

While attending Florida State Moss tested positive for Marijuana use and was promptly cut before he played a single game.

After joining Marshall University and dominating the NCAA for the next three years Moss entered the “1998 NFL Draft” considered a ‘high-risk project’ and subsequently slipped to 21st in the draft where he was chosen by Minnesota.  He then responded saying: “teams that pass on me will regret it once they see what kind of a player I am and what kind of guy I really am.” Over the next five years Moss made it his mission to spite said teams.  He was far and away the most dynamic player on the turf and even spurred his own defensive coverage (The Randy Rules) and counter-offence (The Randy Ratio).

Unfortunately off-the-field-incidents continued to plague his career.  Some notable examples include attempting to run over a female police officer; leaving the field during a game; mooning the fans” in the midst of a touchdown celebration; and repeated allegations of marijuana use.  This was all infused with his typical attitude; eventually earning him an exit from the Vikings.

Moss thereafter jumped from team to team. He would start off bright but quickly fizzle out due to his lack of effort and loud mouth.

This now brings us to his recent return to Minnesota, a marriage most thought ‘made in heaven.’  The marriage has quickly soured however, as Moss was again jettisoned from the team. (Check out the already infamous: “I Ask Myself the Questions” post-game press conference).

So as Moss again signs with a new team ask yourself: is this guy really worth the headache? Many players feel that ‘thunderous applause’ makes them above the law; and Randy Moss is the perfect storm.  He’s a god-given talent colliding with a pampered athlete.

Randy Moss is what we made him, a profitable punk.

So what can he bring to the Tennessee Titans?

Does it really matter as long as we get to watch?


  • Malene S Jorgensen

    Love it! I have a Moss jersey – a Viking jersey. No matter what team he plays for, he will always be a Viking in my eyes (coming from the viking herself) ….yes, I do have Viking blood running through my veins – the Scandinavian kind, not the Minnesota kind haha

    …..and pot never hurt anyone.

    • Anonymous

      HAHA pot ain’t bad! Unless you’re a pro-sports athlete I guess! Thanks for reading, I agree, Moss will ALWAYS be a Viking. I’ll never forget him and Dante Culpepper makin’ it rain!

  • Anonymous

    As you know I am a Vikings fan, (more so a Favre fan, but nonetheless). Anyways, that post game interview Moss had was a debacle. THAT WAS EMBARRASSING TO THE SPORT!!! I can’t stand when dudes act like that, and what little respect I had for him, is lost. GREAT ARTICLE!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks bro. I know you’re a Vikings fan and the second go around wasn’t to bad until he got cocky. I’ll be honest, I dislike Favre a lot more than Moss. Hmmmm…..maybe I’ll write about him!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    haha love the pic of moss holding off the dolphins player.
    this dude’s always entertaining antics makes this game even ‘funner’ to watch!

    • Anonymous

      I agree in some ways! One of my fav players is Chad OchoCinco and while he is an ass he makes me enjoy the game much more than just X’s and O’s.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Not my type of football, but most definitely my type of reading. Well written my friend.

    • Anonymous

      And that is why I love you JL… because you support us no matter what. Love you buddy, Holla at cha bwoooooooooooy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks brother, hopefully I keep you interested!

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