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Pieces of a Story: Act 1 Scene 1

The Introduction:

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/12-Love-Pledge-and-The-Arena.mp3|titles=12 - Love Pledge and The Arena]

Herein lies a story of adventure, pain, and passion

In a world of dark beauty; a reality imagined

Many tales are told, none as fantastical and honest

As this one of a lost soul, and another dark and heartless

Before their stars cross, collide, and fall from grace

We begin on crimson plains where our lover lives in hate

Where our lover’s quest awaits ~

Thousands lay bloodied; bodies breaths away from burial. Scattered limbs, cesspools, and the weapons of war decorate this sacred ground. A massive multitude of soldiers still stand striking with the desperation of victory in their swing. One among them, however, sprints for the goal with more eager strides.

Like a covert coup he and his men rush towards their enemy in honor of The Kingdom. In honor of the brand that marks his slaved skin. Born on the eternal campaign of The Kingdom he was raised from a babe in this blood. Raised as a youth in this trek towards domination. Now, entering into manhood a general of his own upstart legion.

Ahead of his motley crew he eyes the root of the enemy tree; a chief of The Forgotton; bearded and enraged. The Forgotton: his rumored origins; his life-long enemy; posited by his keepers as the source of his lowly lot. Today his lot will change. Charging forward, searching for the throat, the gut… the life source and trophy scalp of the man that will make him famous.

Infused with The Fifth, a vial of the sacred vessel’s GHOST, a prize won in days gone by. Enlivened with the mythic life of The Kingdom’s goddess his steps draw closer, the wind tastes sweeter, and his sword drags lighter… excited and anxious to snuff out another’s wick and wax.

His blade slips into his hands as his feet leave the ground. Rising. Falling. Smashing. The stomach of this bearded chief splits and leaks its structure like bloodied excrement. As the last of his life slips down the steel that pierces it a harmony stumbles off his lips. The young warrior draws in closer as the song’s tune strikes him… as though he once knew it. The chants of his men close in and begin to eclipse the hymn.

“What is the name of that song old man? As though a lullaby composed to drive me into darkness”

“It is whispered like a fortune before we elders die boy. You say it speaks of doom, and so it will. Though I wish to spit out curses… I die elated knowing your life will lack such joy.”

“Damn your riddles! Damn your blasphemous rants!”

The warrior’s hands again grip his blessed weapon and twist the old man in twain. With a quick release the blood vomits into the air violently, and the warrior bathes in its rain. Soaked in the spoils of war he’s slapped on his glory oiled skin and greeted with explosive growls of acclamation.

The thunderous horns of victory call for silence.

The excitement stops and every member of The Kingdom’s army falls face down, gripping the ground with their subservient flesh. For the first time in his life The Council comes for him. Like a colorless apparition they appear and say the words he’s waited his whole life to hear:

“Son, you have been called home.”


  • Anonymous

    Shit sounds GANGSTA!

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope so. I plan on this being a weekly release. At least you’ll read it. Check for tweets and fb messages for details. This weekend I’ma fill you in on EVERYTHING.

    • Anonymous

      Well I am gonna give you the inside scoop this weekend. The love story will be integral to the narrative that is for sure. There is so many details about how it is written and what goes into it that I wanna get out on FB & Twitter, (as that is a big part of the story as well). For now I just hope people like the intro. They have the male lead… but for now he is nameless. May 15th I drop the second chapter. Act 1: Scene 2 “The Winners Circle”

  • http://twitter.com/sabrina_camp sabrina

    looking forward to reading how the story unfolds :)

  • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

    Holy, Jon, this was pretty friggin great. Awesomely epic, excruciatingly bloody, you definitely caught my interest. Love the opening lines of prologue calling to the muse. This is old school epic; keep it up, and you’ll have me waiting eagerly for the next installment.

    • Anonymous

      You definitely got the Iliad feel I was going for. I was crossing my fingers someone would get it. I was gonna call out Dawn’s rosy fingers… but I thought that would be a little too direct, LOL! Only Greek myth nerds are gonna get that. As for the next chapter it’ll be brutal as well, and I hope to use some pix from “Game of Thrones” for the next one. The picture in this one is from Azura’s Wrath. It literally fit PERFECT with what I was going for. Check out the video:

  • Anonymous

    @jongodfrey:disqus This is awesome… it’s like a graphic novel, but you only use words. I’m hooked!

    • Anonymous

      Good! I hope season one goes over well. 13 Episodes planned, with the finale happening August 5th :) You got it though, it is like a graphic novel. Great pix from current pop culture pieces and music from movie classics will accompany every one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Nelson-Kuhn-Villeneuve/591755322 Richard Nelson Kuhn-Villeneuve


    • Anonymous

      Happy you liked it Richie. Considering your love for the fantasy genre I hope I don’t disappoint you. That said, this will be a style of fantasy I promise you have never seen before. The fact it is being released as a serial with my “blog” style will be important to its development and look. Regardless, stay tuned. I already started drafting the plot for the second episode. “The Winners Circle” (05/15/11).

  • Chris Elliott

    This is cool dude. Very well written. You need to quit your day job and do this for real for real ASAP. Straight up.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to bring to the blog for a long time now. With the first season plotted out, now I have to build and deliver. I’m happy people enjoyed the intro so much, I just gotta work to make each episode better and better.

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  • Dad

    Mom just sent me the proper link. This is good stuff – vivid, but trackable.  Like the adjectives. Like the creative use of “non” sentences posing as sentences – it works.  Keep up the good work.  I’ll find time this week to catch up.

    • Anonymous

      Ya, I kinda stole the whole “non-sentence” thing from Margaret Atwood. I just read A Handmaid’s Tale and I loved how she did exactly that. The following three parts are very different. However, some of the the base barbarian fanfare will be back sooner than many may think :)

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