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[one_third] I spent the majority of my formative years in Kitchener-Waterloo. Along with Cambridge this Southern Ontario sector is known as the “Tri-Cities.” In the past decade what I once thought to be an unimportant armpit has gained worldwide recognition thanks to RIM. Yes, I grew up just down the street from the builders of Blackberry, and though I now adore that electronic device I loathed my hometown long ago.

High-school was one of the key factors contributing to my ancient misery. I attended both Waterloo Collegiate (9th & 10th Grade), and Forest Heights (11th & 12th). Though both schools should be valued as quality institutions, I was far from being a model or memorable student. I never fit in, I barely went to class, and I eventually dropped out to save my soul from being overcome with adolescent anxiety. [/one_third]

[one_third] For the most part I escaped into video games, comics, and movies. Interestingly enough this need for a youthful egress returned to me at the premiere of Priest this past Thursday. First and foremost, I realized that unlike the unforgiving 90’s it is once again hip to be square. What was once shut up in closets is now openly celebrated. Comics, Anime, and even Manga are now readily available and recognized.

Kenneth Branagh just directed a comic book movie and paid his titled god serious homage. Now, the money-making-moguls over at Sony scratched up the cash to put a Tokyopop manga on the big screen… in 3D.

For the uninitiated manga is the Asian answer to the comic book. Serial styled black and white art read not from left to right, but rather right to left. Its most prolific titles include Akira, Nausicaa, and Dragon Ball. Though these classics came to our shores as anime (Japanese Animation), they began their lives on corner store shelves just like our X-Men & Captain America. [/one_third]


[one_third_last] Priest remains one of Korea’s greatest manhwa (Korea’s variation of manga) exports. This story of Ivan Isaacs and the war between heaven and hell has now found a Western interpretation. The American film that released yesterday is the story of an unnamed warrior priest and his personal quest to vanquish his enemies of old. It is an in your face action sure to titillate any sixteen year old boy sick of his girlfriend’s Twilight tears.

It is a fantastical escape for the young at heart. It was also great to see a project I’d loved since returning from Africa find a home on the silver screen. My second official summer blockbuster blog; I hope you continue to come and read the surprises I have in store. Thanks for tuning in to my life at the movies.



  • Anonymous

     It’s interesting to hear the development of Hollywood movies. Where the stories come from how the ideas began. I love how you fill us in on the back story, information that is not easily obtained to the everyday movie watcher.  movie watcher. 

    • Anonymous

      Well when it comes to nerdery I tend to have a knack for knowing tidbits here and there. I started reading this manga when I moved to London after returning home from Africa. When I started working with Sony I informed them how proud I was that they would be taking on such a niche project. It was a blessing to finally go get to see it after a year’s wait. This is definitely something for the teen crowd going into the summer rush. I will be interested to see how well it does.  

      • KWgirl

        I’m loving all the artwork and crosses…it will be interesting to see what you think of what we brought you back from Cozumel…it should fit right in. I agree with Brian, I love all the background info:) 

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Finally, I now know what “Manga” means! Thanks for schooling me brother. As for Priest, I eenjoyed it because I like taking a break from Edward.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAAHA! We are Team Jacob anyways! LOL!!!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for enjoying the movie son!  We all really worked hard on the Ad campaign (basically my last for Sony) and the box office was a nice return $14.3!

    For those who havent seen it, check it out for some summer fun!

    BTW the Manga’s remain my fav of all.  Well, a tie actually between Priest and Lone Wolf & Cub!

    • Anonymous

       Dude… we had such a great time. This literally will go down as one of the best nights I had in weeks. Sure it is not going to go down in any record books, but it was a fun teen flick that had some really cool fights. I especially liked the train, it really brought a new depth to vampire lore.

  • Chris Elliott

    Sick post dude. I really want to see this flick. I may wait until it’s released on blu ray, but I will see it never the less.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure it is your taste, so I wanna know what you think when you see it. 

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