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Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!

Disney, Disney, Disney! It must be said that they are certainly no stranger to the genre, and this past weekend I was reminded why. Saturday afternoon I attended my first fest at the Bell Lightbox since Twitch’s “Back to the 80’s” extravaganza. The title of this festival is “Family Classics,” and its line-up is too good to pass up. For starters I went to see the Mormon friendly, “Swiss Family Robinson.”

Growing up in G Rated existence there is no question that I watched this movie more than once. H-E double-hockey-sticks I saw it a gee-golly grip of times! LOL! However, after travelling through an R rated adulthood with X-Rated moments I must admit that after seeing it again on Saturday… I still love it. Based off of a book of moral lessons it’s amazing to see a film that works to do the same. Share, trust, and the value of hard work are just a few of the Protestant values discussed in this Edenic existence. Speaking of which, where can I get one of those tree-houses? That set remains stunning, and the reel that TIFF ran made it more magical than ever.

Furthermore, those East Asian pirates were more glam rock than Twisted Sister. The costuming was the excess I now expect from Disney, and its films like this that birthed that want. Lastly, Janet Munroe was a total babe!

Seventeen years after Swiss Family Robinson opened Disneyland unveiled Walt’s final hands-on attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean. Thirty-three years after that Buena Vista and Jerry Bruckheimer teamed up to turn that ride into an all out action-adventure. Since the original film opened the Pirates of Caribbean movies have grossed over 3 Billion dollars worldwide. It solidified Johnny Depp as the highest paid actor out, and for the fourth time around he’s teamed up his ex-wife from his drug dealing days, Penelope Cruz.

My goodness is she a babe in this flick! Not only did she reinstate my love for the female frame, but it also got me thinking. Summer is coming, the babes are out, and I’ve got this gift for gab. You’d figure I’d be out there using my way with words to woo the beautiful… but no. No, I love my blog and there’s hits a plenty in the waiting ready to be welcomed into its hallowed halls. For the rest of the summer I’ll be attending as many opening weekend Blockbusters as possible. With a few festivals on the side, more Golden Road unveilings approaching, and Blu Ray releases like Sucker Punch on deck… I’ll definitely be here in Dreamland as often as I can. After all, this is my life at the movies :)


  • Anonymous

    Never forget going on both these rides/attractions as a kid at Disney World.  They were both so magical to me.

    Have to say I really enjoyed the 4th Pirates movies.  The 2nd and 3rd were so bad they pretty much ruined the franchise.  The re-vamp/start really helped it out and it was a big surprise!

    • Anonymous

      I agree. The fourth movie was rather brilliant. It brought back that Disney feel for Pirates, accompanied with the action eye-fest akin to Bruckheimer blockbusters. To think Disney has made an endless amount of pirate related material I didn’t even mention, (Hook, Peter Pan, Muppets: Treasure Island, Treasure Planet…). They really have perfected the platform. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, Swiss Family Robinson! I saw your tweets about going to see it, but didn’t realize it was THAT movie until I read this. I love that movie! Mine wasn’t a Mormon house, but a pretty strict Anglican one and yeah, that was definitely on the approved watch list. Haven’t seen it in years, but I remember it being a lot of fun and nice to look at as well.

    As for Pirates 4 – I had a love/hate thing with the last movie, so I’m hesitant about this one. 

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see Pirates 2 or 3, so I can’t soothe your fears in that way. That said… Ian McShane is Black Beard (you’ll love that much). 

  • Chris Elliott

    Man, Swiss Family Robinson, GREAT MOVIE. Actually unreal. I’ve seen it a bunch of times as well. I actually love the whole Pirate culture. Ever since the original Pirates movie with J Depp, I’ve wanted to be one. What a life? Yo HO!!!! Great piece man. I really liked how you put yourself into this one. #slimelove 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks my man, I definitely had a lot of fun with this one. Furthermore, as the blog explains, I had a lot of fun watching both these movies. I do enjoy going to every movie I do, but Pirates 4 is one I would recommend to anyone, great family fun! (Swiss Family Robinson… I expect people to have seen that! LOL!)

  • Claravaz

    Yes, she’s such a hottie pants. But listen, what is it with Pirates that just doesn’t capture me? I dont know… But Depp, that scene in the second one? Or third? Or wait, fourth? ;) jokes. But SFR is a fantastic book – so true. Too bad that now, Somalian and Eastern African Cape Horn pirates really do kidnap you, hold you for ransom and then kill you. :(

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why you don’t like pirates… you’d make a great one considering your affinity for wild shoes and random shouts of “yo-ho!” LOL! Okay, I made the second part up, but at least the shoes part is true. Hope you are doing well my dear. I do love to hear from you and see when you are reading my work. I read yours in kind… save when you scare me, (but that is not too often :)

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