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Pilot Talk 2

Loafers on, slacks pressed, and French-cuffs; Windsor-knot, Tommy sweater, and hair brushed. Preppy as can be I paraded with purpose these past two-days looking for a copy of “Pilot Talk 2.” Sadly I’ve searched in vain. There is not one copy to be found, but alas, the review must go on.

Despite the fact Toronto is seemingly sleeping on this New Orleans native, the internet has nonetheless kept Currensy and his Pilot Talk alive. Having just released Part One this July, in less than five months he’s already out with Part two!

Returning with a cover by David Evan Barnett and production by Ski Beatz; fans have again been blessed with pictures reminiscent of riches, and beats that go back to the future. Currensy in under half-a-year has proven he is seriously Just Enjoyin’ This Shit! (JETS!).

This past May, Chris hipped me to CreativeControl.tv. After reading his blog on the topic I perused said media blog and stumbled across the video for “King Kong.” I was instantly floored by Ski’s mastery and Spitta’s mic control.

Now that I’ve devoured Currensy’s introductory work I’m on to the next one. With an 80’s worthy homage already out for “Michael Knight,” and a daily hashtag competition amongst us fans, it’s hard for me to listen to anything else.

It’s yet another gem from DD172, and if you’re going to give it a listen… make sure you do so from “front-to-back.” Like any fan I already have my favorites, (i.e. Montreux & A Gee), but this is an album you have to let marinate. Currensy and his god-given talent fill every song with layers. These aren’t radio-ready tracks to be consumed by the masses. This is the resurrection of jazz packaged in metaphors. This is a king of the craft who may never be recognized as such… but I’ll tell you now that is exactly what he is.

Currensy: I’m listenin… just enjoyin’ this shit!

Thank You

MICHAEL KNIGHT from Creative Control on Vimeo.

“Micheal Knight! Michael Knight, Michael Knight… Skah-da-da-dadada-dadada!!!”


  • Anonymous

    I gotta say I been sleepin’ on Currensy but I will say one thing, I was definetly the first one in this COUNTRY to be a fan of the kid. Never forget when he was signed to the New No Limit and was steady kickin’ styles with Choppa. They had a few great tracks but Universal ended up droppin New No Limit and that’s when Currensy did his indy thing (something Master P taught him). I’ve always loved the sotuher slang, just look at my cd collection (over 100 souther releases).
    I’m not a “mixtape” kinda guy but I’ll listen to him on youtube fo sho.

    Good job.

    • Anonymous

      This ain’t no mixtape man… this is a full on album! I am telling you, from beginning to end, this is what an album should be. FIRE!!!

      Thanx for the love big bro. I know you’ve dug the kid, and I know you will again.

  • Chris Elliott


    Love the piece brotha! Very nice work. I listened to the album twice through today, and my man has come correct again! Amazing work all around. Brrrap!

    • Anonymous

      Glad you enjoyed! I tried to give potential fans a feel for what they’re in for… AKA GREATNESS!!! #pilottalk2

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