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Pieces of a Story: Act 2 Scene 1

Moon of my Life

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Graeme-Revell-The-Negotiator.mp3|titles=Graeme Revell - The Negotiator]

“What do you know about the goddess squire?” Not since The Scepter gates had Brutus spoken. Though his disposition was as good as could be expected, he nevertheless walked with a determination that bordered on frightening. Isaac had seen his master possessed by this ominous spirit before, but he’d never had to endure its presence for so long. It was mesmerizing in its evil, so much so Isaac had been delayed in response. “Well Isaac… what do you know about our Kingdom’s matriarch?” Unaware of what words were expected, whether the suspicious whispers of the disbelieving or the hateful murmurs of his master, he settled with what was common.


That before her The Kingdom wasn’t; that The Council raised her and was blessed for it. She is life and light; our nations standard and our people’s immortality. Where The Forgotton worship unseen ideas, we kneel before a beautiful reality. She is The Fifth, but to the humble heart she is the first for it knows without her it is nothing.

“You know your scriptures well dear boy. Let us pray such seminary statements serve you well.”

And the silence returned as The Crown gates came into view.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Brian-Tyler-Klaus-Badelt-Constantine-John.mp3|titles=Brian Tyler & Klaus Badelt - Constantine - John]

In a seeming world away The Warrior awoke in a sea of Ghost with its source asleep beside him. Her eyes opened as he rolled over to meet them. To him she was beauty itself and only her titled existence was adequate explanation, goddess. Inspired he confessed:

My life as a slave is seen on my skin. Branded by my betters to do their bidding I never once complained. The weight of my warring ways has always had a handle, you. I begged my blasphemous heart to forsake you. I prayed it apocryphal… a well written want to be forgotten. Yet, the more I pushed to usher you out, the more your spirit consumed me. Then I tasted of your GHOST, and in its vigor won the blessing of your presence. The cards of fate fell quickly after. From your whisper that silenced a nation to your sacrificial lamb, what was suppressed crawled forward. It falls from my lips now, like it graced yours moments prior. You possess me with a smile, and though our knowledge of each other is moments deep my love for you has crossed a lifetime. I’m without words to properly express it as its depths are beyond language…

The Fifth lifted her divine finger and pressed it softly upon his poetic mouth, “Shhhh… I love you too.”

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Christopher-Young-Hellraiser-II-Headless-Wizard.mp3|titles=Christopher Young - Hellraiser II - Headless Wizard]

At the farthest corner in the Eastern regions of The Crown Brutus halted in his steps. They’d been walking for the greater part of the day and though Isaac wished for the break this setting was unsettling. Amidst heaps of waste and ruins they stood at the end of a winding road. Spiraling out from the maze like alleys of The Crowns lowly estates it was a place no eyes cared to see.

“Why have we stopped here my lord?” Isaac knew not to ask if he’d lost his way, and his well known temper was not the reason. Brutus never lacked direction, in life and all its offerings. His political standings were steps ahead of those his age, and his status with The Council was unknown to any other. He was both a public nuisance and a man to be feared and respected. There were many who bowed their heads to him, but few knew the darkest reasons as to why they should.

Without knowing it Isaac was again lost in his thoughts, and like his mind his feet drifted off until they struck a final wall. Up against it he feared to rest. Not only were the surroundings foreboding, but his last steps seemed eerily directed. And the knowing smirk of Brutus sealed it as so.

Brutus seemed to look through him; twisting the fingers in his right hand curiously. Mumbles stumbled over his tongue and out of his mouth, and Isaac turned his ear towards them.

“You wonder why the setting, you wonder why this end… and alas my sheep it is. Unspotted little Isaac, ever at my heels; fearful that what they say of your master is true, but in your heart you never listen.” Brutus spoke these words with a calm but mocking tone. Its condescending delivery was almost hidden, but with a terrified ear its vibrations echoed within Isaac.

Brutus low level words resumed, and a light around his dancing fingers developed. Frozen where he stood Isaac nevertheless stretched in spirit to decipher the cryptic code that came from his master’s mouth. Like a spell whispered in a lost language the pattern of the words were mesmerizing… but still so difficult to determine.

“Isaac, my sinless aid, long you have followed me. You have seen my station spike quickly and never questioned my moments of solitude that made it so. It pains me to see your silence rewarded so.”

Isaac replied with trembling knees and a stuttering tongue. No words escaped him, but alas Brutus’ own mysterious mumblings grew clearer. “Ahnell ne trac oovfast b’thud dorth yll d’yn vey.” With the words came blackness out his mouth. It choked the air and light around them. Isaac’s eyes were thus drawn to the glow growing in his master’s hand.

The spell grew louder.

“Ahnell ne trac oovfast b’thud dorth yll d’yn vey.” It repeated as well, over and over. And like a questing snake the darkness coiled around Isaac with casual ease. Starting at his feet it crept up until it found a place around his neck.

Suddenly, the spell stopped and Brutus’ lively fist closed with force.

The coiling black gripped around Isaac’s throat in turn, and as Brutus thrust his hand violently behind him the snake he spoke into life tore the boys head from his shoulders.

Where once there was the filthy alley now there existed nothing; a void filled with only the headless corpse, Brutus, and his words.

“Isaac my boy, you are the first of many, but there was none as pure in heart and available has you.” He leaned over the body and dipped his index finger into the pool of blood. Watching it run like paint he lifted the red drops to his lips. “It tastes as though the end is near.” His knowing smirk beamed.

The empty sky cracked.



  • Anonymous

    More and more goodness, can’t to see the next!

  • amandastrang

    It just keeps getting better and better!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Nelson-Kuhn-Villeneuve/591755322 Richard Nelson Kuhn-Villeneuve

    Every time I get more and more anticipated for the next one.

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully it will be out tomorrow :)

  • Anonymous

    Brutus! Wow! He’s a most awesome creation. And I love the way the Warrior speaks so much only to be silenced by just a few words, ha! Why is it that when Brutus was speaking, I suddenly had an image of Morgana in my head, speaking her words of power to bind Merlin? I think this is my favorite part so far – can’t wait to see where it’s going next.

    • Anonymous

      I knew you would catch my theivery :)

      It did take those words from Excalibur. I’ve been obsessed with them for years. I often repeat them like I do the Fear Litany from Dune. I find them so entrancing, so much so that I had to steal them for myself. The next chapter is out tomorrow night. It is going to be SUPER long. So I know at least you, John, and Amanda will finish it. 

      • Anonymous

        I was reading it half-aloud and thinking, this sounds oddly familiar! But it really works in the story, and they’re words of power from who knows where. So it’s not thievery. Just some awesome flattery! :D And yes, I will definitely finish it – your story works to keep me sane when I’m waiting for my next class of doom to start. 

      • Anonymous

        Well I appreciate the compliments. It is taking more and more effort to get it out… basically because there is so much I want to get to, and it becomes difficult to thread the narrative. As long as those reading are enjoying and understanding I feel like things are going well. This next addition (hopefully out tomorrow), is a lot longer. 

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