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Pieces of a Story: Act 1 Scene 4

(Scene 1)

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Flesh & Prose

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Elliot-Goldenthal-Final-Fantasy-Blue-Light.mp3|titles=Elliot Goldenthal - Final Fantasy - Blue Light]

Over the last millennia The Foundation has fermented into a metropolis of unimaginable size. Though its walls were established centuries ago it’s since spiked upwards throughout its twelve districts. Twelve colonies divided into sectors and each under the command of a particular Councilman. Yet, this leadership is only symbolic in nature, The Council, living beyond the confines of the corporeal, also live beyond the trappings of managing humanity. They leave these matters instead to the members of the “First Block.”

The First Block: the hillside houses at the base of the Ziggurat. In these tiny towers live the lords and ladies who rule as representatives. Brutus was born among this brood and now as an adult is a political figurehead in his sector, The Scepter. The Scepter sits as the centermost point of the western side to this circular city. In this marked and mentioned place Brutus walks with his squire Isaac.

They traverse through the five blocks of their own colony towards their northern neighbor. Brutus cut the silence between them with a question. “My dear little Isaac, have you ever heard ‘The Tale of the Twelve Kings’?”. Isaac replied with a curious stare. Not since his master had stormed home in a purpose-filled fit had he spoken. Not since retiring briefly to his personal quarters did he so much as whisper. Knowing his place he had followed his master’s snap and accompanied his footsteps obediently. Though he sometimes intervened to calm his keeper’s temper he knew now the folly of doing so would only work against him. Yet, nearing the borders of their lands Lord Brutus opened up the air with an inquiry. After his blink of recollection he finally answered in kind: “No sir, I have not.”

And so Brutus began to recite The Tale of the Twelve Kings:

Long ago, in a world beyond our knowing there were twelve kingdoms ruled by twelve kings. Great men they were and all wore great crowns upon their brows. On the apex of each golden headpiece sat a stone they called a “star.” It was said these stars were both their ruling rights and the cause for constant peace. You see, just as they granted the power to control many they negated each other in battle.

As time passed they learned that peace only brought prosperity to a point; that was until they discovered the value of unity. It wasn’t that it combined their peoples. No, the communion of the crowns was not a collection of flags, but rather a creation of a new cosmos. In bringing together the stars they opened the pathway to godhood.

Brutus ended his tale there. “But what does it mean Lord?” “Mean?” The aristocrat retorted, “it doesn’t mean anything, I simply found it fitting since we’re heading towards our own Crown.” He said this last line with a snarl. Simple words said in a way that motioned towards opposing depths. “As we walk clockwise I wonder… has there ever been an hour with an extra minute?” This curious query returned their trek to the silence that it began with. Yet, Isaac now knew that their goal lay within the twelfth colony, The Crown.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Brian-Tyler-Children-of-Dune-Summon-the-Worms.mp3|titles=Brian Tyler - Children of Dune - Summon the Worms]

Far away in crystal caverns the warriors lips left the cleansing touch of the goddess’s. But prior to him questioning this sacrament she spoke: “before you beg my pardon hold your tongue. Though I must admit I’m intoxicated by its taste.” She giggled, an action the warrior found offsetting as it was unexpected. But then again this relationship had been a surprise from the start. She continued, “You want to ask me why I called you here, and why you alone remained in motion after our first meeting.” She turned and beckoned him to follow. “My scarred and wandering warrior… permit me to provide you answers with the story of my life.”

“But goddess,” the warrior interjected.

“Calm your spirits and hush your sweet mouth. These will not be the words of The Council, for these words are mine.”

Doctrinal efficiency was not his concern. He felt he had trespassed far beyond the boundaries of his station. However, his enchantment dismissed his worries almost instantly, quick enough to hear The Fifth continue.

“It’s true. The Kingdom has stood strong within The Lonely Valley for years beyond a thousand. And I in turn have always been its crowning jewel. For centuries my GHOST has fueled the masses and made The Foundation firm. But two decades ago the mindless harmony that soothed me was corrupted.”

There had only been two decades in which the warrior had been able to worship her. His whole life, if she were right, had been spent honoring a fallen deity. The thought alone was maddening, but his silence ensured that her concern was kept within her words.

“This corruption was not the sort I was aware of. Though my knowledge is considered infinite I assure you it is not. My powers over time and space may be advanced to some, but like that mass the ways of the world confuse me. Twenty years past, in the recesses of my mind sprouted a seed where there was none before. What this seed would grow into came first in flashes only. Bits of growth that told me of another like myself where I was assured there was none. So I sent the women of The Garden to collect the pieces of my memory, and here within this magical womb I’ve kept them, and waited with them… hoping.”

They had walked into a room much unlike the vast expanse he first entered into. It was without the motion of the sparkling waves. This one was instead square and stone; a polished rock covered in illuminating letters from floor to ceiling. He saw nothing anywhere save for this bizarre script that was in contrast… everywhere. Thus, he concluded that which was obtained by Marron and the other members of The Garden was not wealth, but wisdom.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/John-Williams-Memoirs-of-a-Geisha-Sayuris-Theme.mp3|titles=John Williams - Memoirs of a Geisha - Sayuris Theme]

What he was not aware of was the fact his feet had left the ground, and when he noticed he startled in his steps and slipped sideways in the air. The goddess, again, giggled and concluded her tale.

“I waited for this other and while doing so I also worked to find him. My years of surreptitious questing calmed the storms of the corruption, but despite the bits it brought me it never silenced them. No, my unbalanced barbarian that quiet comfort only came with you. Never before did the possibility occur to me, that what I knowingly searched for would unknowingly find me.”

She grabbed his foot and pulled him into her embrace. “You are my Sanctity warrior; in your eyes I see it’s so.” In her eyes all the warrior saw was forbidden. To consume her with his flesh and speak through its sweat soaked rhythms. Spiraling through the anti-gravity his hands made moves his mind would not allow. He untied the only knot that kept her skin from his.

Nude, she crawled over him and sitting on his stomach stared down into his expression. Her legs were wrapped around his waist. Her hands reached behind her and slid the warrior’s trousers from his legs. He  lifted his feet towards her and she unlaced his sandals’ leather thongs.


He entered her.

Her mouth opened. Her eyes closed. Her head titled back. So did his, and they moaned, suspended in their entanglement of thighs, fingers, and feet.




  • Anonymous

    This just gets better and better.  Love it Jon.

    Keep pressing on!

  • Anonymous

    As interesting as I’m finding out more about the Warrior and the Goddess, I’m very curious about this Brutus guy. I have a thing for Brutuses in general, and seeing where his angry presence fits in is going to be something to watch for I think. Also have to say the music selections fit so well. Children of Dune – beautiful. I’ve said it before, but keep it up! I may be a little late, but I definitely look forward to these each week. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! You’ll get to learn a lot about Brutus in this Sunday’s addition, but just a smidgen. I have so much planned for the second act and it is all starting so soon. I love writing this story, and it is comforting to know a few people out there love reading it as well. Glad you like the music, cause I put it in there for a reason :)  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500156332 Micah Holden

    Jon, this is fantastic.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Amazing work dude! Act one done! Loved the music (which I usually go without!). Great throne picture.. where have I seen that before? Oh yes.. Game of Thrones!! Well played sir.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha…. glad you’re caught up and enjoyed it. It’s gonna be a longer wait until the end of the 2nd act. 6 parts and it may or may not come out every Sunday. I’m not going to pressure the creativity… Ya dig ;)

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