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Pieces of a Story: Act 1 Scene 3

(Scene 1)

(Scene 2)

The Courtship

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/E.S.-Posthumus-Unearthed-Ebla.mp3|titles=E.S. Posthumus - Unearthed - Ebla]

In the center of The Kingdom sits a Ziggurat; a blossoming spike striking at the sun. Within its stigma is The Fifth, and the grounds upon which the warrior’s quest concluded. After a one worded whisper all those within this mighty metropolis were bathed in GHOST; from those aside the goddess down to the depths of The Foundation.

Beyond this middlemost monolith are walls of unimaginable heights; barriers before The Guardian Mountains made by man to ensure his immortality. On one side sits the first step towards the frontier and The Forgotton. On the other, the beginnings of the sprawl so titled, “The Foundation.” To the contrite and subservient “The Foundation” is spoken of in reverential tones. It is “The Land of the Believing”; “The Quantifying Mass”; the people of the goddess. To those who live beneath its clock-like shadows it is more like a dichotomy. For them it is where the unlucky remain hopeful and the worthy suffer unjustly.

From this grounded multitude the goddess drafts her virginal guard. Youthful unsoiled lilies plucked before their curves can flourish. Their existence is spartan in number, and those of divine merit are fewer still. Atop them all is Marron, and at this moment she sprints through the streets of her childhood anointed with her end. Her death lay at the warrior’s feet, whose steps are not far off.

In the aftermath of his aggressive failure the warrior fled in fear. While lords and ladies were pressured into prostration, the warrior’s legs worked towards his egression. Yet, before he fell from grace to the shadows of The Foundation, his mind’s eye was split asunder. All his life there laid a seed within him in need of sprouting, and in the presence of the Fifth it opened.

Days have passed, his feet have wandered, and his obsession over what she wished to show him has persisted. Here in the The Foundation, where all was once debris and desolation is now an edenic garden of techno-organic vegetation. Nothing a soul herein has seen before; the outcome of The Fifth and her enveloping revelation. Like millions of others the warrior brushes over and through this, stepping ever closer to the strides of Marron.

That is until his lowly progress crashes into her feline flight. The cloaks that cover them fall from their flesh, as their flesh falls to the ground. The warrior’s branded skin alerts Marron her journey’s met its maker unexpectedly. “My lord,” she says in a trembling bow. “These words I offer as my purpose.” Propped up on his hands his legs fail to lift him, never has he been a lord or so respected. Yet, before his pondering persists Marron leans in and over him. Her harmless straddle allows her lips to meet his ear. Suddenly the sound is sucked away save a lonesome tone to fill it; the voice of the goddess. As her GHOST slides over the lips of Marron it enters into the warriors mind war-ishly tugging on its rear to bring him closer to its center.

Then, suddenly, Marron springs up and over him with knife in hand. She hoists it not to harm him, and the warrior sees it’s so. With a knowing glimmer in her eyes she speaks the words that will be her last, “This act I offer as my gift.” In a swift swipe she drives the knife into her gut and up her sternum. “NO!” The warrior screams, but his desperation arrives too late. As if she were composed of it the wound splits and beads into balls of light. Balls of glass that collapse into the stone and crash into oblivion. She is gone, and the warriors quest continues.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Philip-Glass-Kundun.mp3|titles=Philip Glass - Kundun]

As is so often said in times like this, “meanwhile.” Meanwhile in the Ziggurat’s subterranean caverns, amidst its many tomes of unknown tales sits the aristocrat. Surrounded by The Council he awaits their decision. Like every member of The Kingdom he is at their mercy, but unlike almost all he is privy to their knowledge. For over a millennia The Council has ruled. Consumed with GHOST their existence is now beyond the body and has been so for some time. Locked in towering black boxes they express themselves as moving lights upon dark faces. More importantly their voices can still be heard, and after many silent minutes they speak. “Brutus: your calculations are sound, but your discoveries lack purpose. Yes, our lovely rose has once again blossomed, but why and should we fear?” They spoke as one, but it was as though the most inquiring led them.

“Why is of no concern. In one moment my neck was gripped by filth, and in the next, engulfed in the waters of baptism. Though that ungrateful soldier still stalks our streets a traitor this is far from my concern. The chains that once bound our goddess are slipping. We must act and act now. Our final hour is nigh if we do not heed my criers call.”

The Council answered back like stolen stars, “Indeed the sleeper has awoken. She is alive again with purpose, but the reason why is not yet within our reach. Until we know the root of our concern we can not allow you to pluck it.”

“But Council…” The aristocrat stopped himself. Right or not their blessing was still a concern, so he slipped into a promise. “My lords your wisdom is ever evident, and a purpose I will find.” The lights drifted off as their structures vanished. “Patience Brutus,” he whispered to himself… just as a knowing smirk stained his face.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Christopher-Young-The-Glass-House-This-Too-Shall-Pass.mp3|titles=Christopher Young - The Glass House - This Too Shall Pass]

Through secret cracks in sacred corners the warrior stalked cautiously towards the vision Marron’s death provided. At the end of narrow tunnel, that seemed a century in length, the rock opened up into a dwelling far more vast than he imagined. Like a solid sea of precious GHOST it was a sight to behold, a sanctum-sanctorum for a soul like the warriors. While he crumbled into an obedient posture the voice of the goddess began to echo off these holy walls.

In the garden grows
A tale of Joy & Woe
Once one became the other, and the other and a third
Until upon four pillars the Sky was resting on the Earth
Their views became single, and the twain became one
The Sky so loved the Earth that she blessed him with a Sun
And the Earth drew from its soil a Rose to reach above
And a path was drawn to heaven from the grounds of love.

With every word the sounds though everywhere drew closer. Yet before the audible could reach him the light arrived. So close she stood as she said the final phrase. The words, “from the grounds of love” danced over her bottom lip as it sat between the two of his. His hand grabbed the small of her back, and he drew her into him as his lips brushed with a painters touch over the canvas of her own.

And the warrior kissed the goddess.




  • Anonymous

    Loving this series so far, great transition from part 2 to part 3.  The lore of the Goddess grows ever still!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for reading and enjoying. That is what matters most. 

  • Anonymous

    Pieces 3 Notes: Song 1 (http://www.amazon.com/Unearthed-S-Posthumus/dp/B0008191LU); Song 2 (http://www.amazon.com/Kundun-Original-Soundtrack-Philip-Glass/dp/B000005J4V); Song 3 (http://www.amazon.com/Glass-House-Original-Motion-Picture/dp/B00005NWKB/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1306265279&sr=1-1)

    Pictures: The first one was a random find, it’s details I could not gather. The second is from the movie Franklyn (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0893402/). The third is of the Orion Nebula and was stumbled upon a few months ago when I went to the Science Center in Toronto to get some ideas. The last picture is from a great game titled Final Fantasy XIII (http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/142/14266574.html).

    Thank you everyone who read and enjoyed. I would love to hear what you think :)  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Nelson-Kuhn-Villeneuve/591755322 Richard Nelson Kuhn-Villeneuve

    I think this ones been my favourite so far, anticipating the next scene. The music goes really well with each scenario. One question though, has some time past between the last scene and this one?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, a few days in fact. You have a keen eye. The next scene will explain a lot as to what has happened, as well as a lot of what has led up to this meeting. I have plotted out the first 3 acts (which I am calling a season), and ending that in August. Thirteen parts in all, so be sure to check after every Sunday as that is when I drop em. So happy you are enjoying it, it is for people like you that I write this for. Trust there is A LOT to come. 

  • Luthie Lampa

    Beautiful, Jon. Well done. I’m intrigued to see how the series progresses. You are an amazing writer…. I’m a fan:)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Luthie :) Hopefully you’ll enjoy the romance coming next week. It am further diving into this world so for those like you that have read it is really going to keep paying off. 

  • Anonymous

    This is so visual! Even without the images that you include and fit the story so well (hooray, Franklyn!), you paint everything with such dense and rich precision. Great imagery, great story, very curious about where it’s all going. Keep it up!

    • Anonymous

      Franklyn (along with Mr. Nobody) are on my TMN On Demand now. I am hopefully going to make time to see the both for MLatM soon. Glad you like the prose, and trust these first few are very foundational. Tomorrow’s will end the first of the three acts I’ve planned for the summer… so hopefully the first arc goes over well. Thanks for reading :)

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