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Pieces of a Story: Act 1 Scene 2


The Winners Circle

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Arcana-Tudengifilm-2004-Eternal-Sleep.mp3|titles=Arcana - (Tudengifilm 2004) - Eternal Sleep]

iters of GHOST flowed through the engines of a ship sculpting through the sky. The VULTR: an ancient vehicle now housing our warrior in its confines. It’s rumored that its mysterious structure is that of a petrified beast; the tool of rumored demi-gods spoken of only in blasphemous whispers.

Beast or not its interior rattled, and the warrior watched it do so between glances at The Guardian Mountains; those earthly protectors of the spiraled city. The slave-masters of the warrior lived there, and they were ready to reward him with his prize.

This latest victory came at the end of long and grueling campaign. Pitched against one of The Forgotton’s greatest strategists; Mithradates. This Chief revived the fallen spirits of the Forgotton with promises of past glories. Like a missionary prophet he travelled from town to town gathering up the willing and building an army not only bigger than anything the warrior had ever seen, but also better built. As a last ditch push for victory The Council promised the presence of the goddess herself. A gift never heard of before, and so possessive, that the warrior plotted Mithradates death with perfection. That man’s life once taken brought him to this VULTR, and now this VULTR broke between the gate-like cliffs and graced the The Lonely Valley and the vision of The Kingdom.

Its exterior, man-made structures piled up as a mountain were impressionable in the positive. However, its interior was a den of repulsive realities the warrior never expected. The Winners Circle was far from what he dreamed, because it was instead what they hoped he would bathe with them in, an orgy.

Tits engorged in lips. Hips undulating and cocks ejaculating. Bodies upon bodies, painted, feathered, and all of them sweating into each other. All that was explained to him as evil acted out by those who taught him so. Cloaked in a cloth he sat aside head down, his fingers mesmerized with his beads of prayer. He’d finally stolen a moment to himself in this discomforting parade. He thought his superiors so and now he was conflicted to see sites that said otherwise. Suddenly one of these aristocrats stumbled into him. “What have we hear? A monk enjoying the fruit forbidden him.” His wiry frame burst forth with laughter as he slapped the warrior on the back. “No my lord.” He replied, “I’ve merely failed to find my place.”

“It’s that bit between your legs boy, strike it when stiff wherever you please.” Laughing again at his own wit the aristocrat turned to his companion. Though the warrior still longed for the rhythms of prayer he was interrupted by the audible apostasy of the aristocrat.

“They say the bitch is of the demi-gods, her GHOST the remnants of their power.”

“Quiet my lord, eager ears open to hear such things.”

“Calm yourself troubled squire, I’ll speak of the enemies of old when and where I please.”

Such blasphemy was overwhelming and though his muscles were eager with anger his mind made him rethink the actions they longed for. The warrior left for greener pastures.

He aimlessly walked into a sacred garden. This holy little hovel stood silent, not far from the roaring sexcapades indulged in by the upper crust. He pulled the cloth off his skin with swift grace and hung it lightly on the branch of a nearby tree. Eyes watched above from the mezzanine, but the warrior so struck by the peace of this place was unaware. Calmed, he prepared to dance. The Warriors Prayer is one made by the body, the instrument built by the divine. No words are spoken as this is a prayer of the flesh… breaking for the spirit. His soldier’s oils were unstrapped from his side, opened, and poured purposefully upon his skin. He massaged the flowered grease into his muscles and stretched them shortly after. And then the dance began.

His back bent parallel with the ground and his legs swept around and over him. Sudden stops and starts stuttered with no direction. His arms rose above him, beside him, flexing and releasing like waves of water. In fact the movements could be compared to the sea. He flowed from a chaotic center and rushed towards soulful shores. Then, as soon as it began, it ended. With a grasp the cloak was off the tree and around him. The temple bells rang. His prize was at hand.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Alan-Silvestri-Beowulf-He-Has-A-Story-To-Tell.mp3|titles=Alan Silvestri - Beowulf - He Has A Story To Tell]

The orgy had cleared and its more publicly recognized patrons changed into temple attire. The group all stood ready for the goddess. The warrior bent a bit lower, slave-like resolve or not he knew the goddess to be so and was overcome by the blessing at hand. Yet, that same aristocrat with wit felt otherwise. Again he stood nearby and his muttering returned in kind.

With the stench of wine and women belching from his breath he grumbled to his squire. “To think we bow before that which we have enchained.” Stopped by his unsure footing his squire gripped him and begged he balance and ease into silence. “Silence? SILENCE! For what, a tasty little twat we stole? Oh, how we the mighty have fallen. What once we knew as ours we now pretend is law and scepter?!”

His speech grew louder, and the warrior panted with want. The want to snap this brat’s neck, to at least cut out his tongue for talk that would have his soldiers killed. Then want became uncontrolled action. The warrior shot out his arm and grabbed the aristocrat by the neck, slamming him to the ground.

Spitting through his teeth he growled, “beg the courts forgiveness and prostrate yourself before our goddess.” As though she had been called, at the violence’s onset she walked into the room. The goddess, The Fifth, stood before the warrior and his welcoming gift was the evil this palace was built to protect her from. Humiliated he let go of the aristocrat and though desirous to keep his eyes low he looked up into a lock. There she was, and as her eyes met his, time snapped.

One word fell off her lips, “Sanctity.”

And from her being exploded light… blanketing the city.



  • Anonymous

     I wanted to include a few links herein about the pop culture pieces I included. The two tracks, I hope you enjoyed, are from Arcana (Eternal Sleep), and Alan Silvestri’s “Beowulf” (He has a Story to Tell). The artwork comes from top to bottom: The first is a Peter Popkin piece, (www.peterpopken.com); the second from Kim Joon (http://www.kimjoon.co.kr/); the third is from the upcoming film The Immortals (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VdONYkKFmQ); and the last an album cover (Ramsey Lewis – Sun Goddess). The title of the piece is that of an ongoing mixtape series by rapper Curren$y. Check out jetsfool.blogspot.com for free downloads :) Hope ya’ll enjoyed.); and the last an album cover (Ramsey Lewis – Sun Goddess). The title of the piece is that of an ongoing mixtape series by rapper Curren$y. Check out jetsfool.blogspot.com for free downloads :) Hope ya’ll enjoyed.

    • Anonymous

       Oh man, that immortals trailer looks incredible!!! Can’t wait to see that movie. 

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting turn to the story.  The imagery put forth was well described and the dialogue was typical ancient fare with a future twist.  Really enjoyed this portion, it took me much farther than anticipated and has me looking to see what The Fifth is really all about.

    Also, can’t wait to work on The Immortals.  Alliance kindly thanks you for the mentions!

    • Anonymous

      I can not wait for that movie either. So happy you liked the story. I’m going to be super busy this week working on part 3. Out on the 22nd… Why did I commit to every Sunday? LOL. I just hope people get into it ;)  

  • Anonymous

    Awesome story man, it captivated me right from the get go.  The warrior has so much depth, so many sides to him.

    • Anonymous

      He does. He has many more to show. I have 13 episodes in all planned out. Let’s hope the pan out well. This second episode really gets readers further into the world. The first act is four parts, so by the time it is done those interested should feel firm footing to jump into the second act. 

      • Anonymous

         Your writing makes me want to start illustrating again. I wish I had time to start digital painting again.  

      • Anonymous

        I was actually going to ask you to illustrate the tag for this for me. We gotta talk more about it when we meet next. So happy you like it. 

  • Chris Elliott

    Quit your day job man. Quit it. This is what you should be doing dude. It’s blatantly obvious. Striaght up. 

    • Anonymous

       Thanks lil bro. However, quitting my day job would have me on the streets. If one day someone is willing to pay me to blabber fantastically then I am more then game ;) Part 3 our next Sunday!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500156332 Micah Holden

    I am totally into this story.  Keep at it !  I tend to agree with Chris, quit the job, finish the story.  What does a writer need anyways ? paper and pen ? not too expensive.  I’ve got a couch you can crash on until another opens up :P

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha! I got too much pride not to pay my own way. This story will end in August. If people like it enough, after a few months break it’ll pick up again. Working on 3 now, out Sunday the 22nd :)  

  • Anonymous

    This is late to the party, so I’ll just say awesome! Really love the world-building and steampunk/mecha elements. I’m not sure why, but the addition of the religious elements remind me a bit of The Electric Church. Excellent and incredibly rich imagery, can’t wait for part three!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Nelson-Kuhn-Villeneuve/591755322 Richard Nelson Kuhn-Villeneuve


    • Anonymous

      You gotta read part 3 now ;)

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