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Sometimes you have to be something to appreciate someone. For Example: Sometimes you have to be a Nerd to appreciate someone similar. This thought occurred to me the other night when a co-worker and I went to the premiere for “Paul.” Being occasionally blessed to go to premieres I’ve begun to comprehend the protocol:

Certain types of films open on different days of the week. Most pre-screen for the populace the Wed/Thurs prior to the Friday release. However, this is not always the case. In one extreme situation I saw a film a full month before it debuted, (I.E. Social Network).

Like Social Network, Paul is a Relativity Media film. I mention this because Relativity Media is quickly becoming my favorite production house in business. In 2010 they produced two Oscar contenders with “Social Network” and “The Fighter.” Furthermore, through their subsidiary company “Focus Features” they made one of my favorite indie-flicks, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.” They have also recently acquired Overture Films (who made “Paper Heart”), as well as Rogue Pictures.

Speaking of Rogue Pictures they were responsible for Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, two previous success stories penned by the creators/stars of the film in question… Paul. It all comes full circle when you look at it, but you’d have to be a nerd to appreciate it :)

Before this blog comes to a close there are a few exciting aspects of Paul that are too good to gloss over. The topic of “Nerds” is already at the forefront, and it’s easy to adhere to that stream of thought because that’s what Paul’s about and filmed for.

The script is packed with visuals, quotes, and situations from what seems like every “Alien” movie ever made. From staples like Ridley Scott’s appropriately titled masterpiece to “Mac & Me,” Pegg & Frost have all their intergalactic bases covered. The geeky elements don’t stop with the writing however. There is also an incredible t-shirt collection adorned throughout the film, as well as several jaw-dropping cameos. Plus, amazing visual effects by the people over at Double Negative.

I know… nerd stuff! But after all, this movie does begin at Comic-Con, and the only thing I consider comparable to an afternoon with superheroes is an evening premiere. Again, it all comes full circle… if you’re someone who appreciates my life at the movies.


  • @MRcromanic

    This film was surprisingly hilarious. Flawless animation almost looked like Paul wasn’t animated at all. I am picky about what British humour I like, but this was right up my alley. Light hearted but crude at the same time. Learned a few new swearwords- and the dick milk comment will be forever ingrained in my head…..

    • Anonymous

      Definitely some of the best use of curse words EVER!!! Just bringing up the dick-milk line makes me laugh… the lady delivering those lines (Kristen Wiig) is in a huge movie coming out this summer, Bridesmaids.

  • Chris Elliott

    Cool review man. I’m glad you and Colin had a good time. I’m definitely seeing this movie when it comes out. I trust MLATM. I trust you Jon Godfrey.

    • Anonymous

      It is definitely hilarious! More importantly, the CGI is amazing. Once the movie was over I told Colin I had to find out who crafted Paul. To learn it was the same people that did such films as Scott Pilgrim & Inception… I wasn’t surprised. Great visuals, great writing, and a great time at the movies.

      I just wish people would trust me on Adjustment Bureau. I didn’t just like that… I LOVED IT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Having seen many an Ad for this movie I am interested in seeing it. The Brit team only makes good movies but this type of film that I really enjoy in the comfort of my own home.
    I’m gonna check it on ROD right when it drops.

    • Anonymous

      You won’t regret it… I may have to come along as this one is another endless dose of hilarity!

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  • http://twitter.com/sabrina_camp sabrina

    i really enjoyed this movie – sooo funny.
    LOVE sigourney weaver :)

    • Anonymous

      I love how they cast her as the Alien’s greatest threat… because she really is!

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