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Paranormal Activity 3

Last blog I discussed two points pertinent to the present. First, October is the month wherein I write about All Hallows Eve and the films that honor it. Second, that there are not enough fall horror flicks this year. In fact, there were only two. The first being a remake of  a Carpenter classic, and the second, a prequel to a new age ghost story. Paranormal Activity 3 to be precise.

Last fall my family and I went together to see Paranormal Activity 2, and a blog about fear ensued. The fear returned on Tuesday when Amanda, JLB, and I injected another dose. I hadn’t heard much about the third movie , and I avoided the trailers in order to ensure some scares. What followed was a fright fest that struck fear inside my soul.

Though I’ve yet to see all of the original film, Paranormal 2 caught me up on the dark tale of the Rey sisters. Whereas the first film focused on the tragedy of older sister Katie, the sequel was a parallel prequel about younger sister Kristi. It quickly became apparent in both movies that there was a past promoting this paranormal present… cue the third movie.

Christopher B. Landon returned to pen this prequel, and his genius can be seen in subtle strokes. Travelling back to 1988 he sets the third movie in an era when slasher flicks reigned supreme. However, this is a film that highlights the occult, not a blood bath that inspires one. Therein the Rey’s invisible nemesis is finally named, and its simplicity harkens back to the Exorcist’s “Captain Howdy.” His name is Toby and it’s not only terrifying to get to know him, it’s petrifying to learn what he wants.

Furthermore, the camera work in this film gets creative in the utmost. Forced to use more primitive technology the crew came up with some eerie angles and lighting. It’s ever uncomfortable, and without question spine-chilling. The hush of fear that washes over the theatrical audience is a sight in-and-of-itself. It made up for what’s been lost this fall, fear. I hate summer, too much sun. It’s dark again, let the demons and the dark reign. Happy Halloween from me and my life at the movies.


  • Chris Elliott

    DUDE! Amazing pictures! Great piece! These types of movies freak me out the most by far! I couldn’t even get through the first one, let alone the 2nd or 3rd. I give you props just for that. But, seriously. Very impressed with this one. You legit scared me with some of those images. ahahah 

    • Anonymous

      Good. I went with some scare when picking pictures. I didn’t want to include imagery from the film. The one with the girl cutting her mouth open is one of my favorite pictures I have on file. A great find from a little known Tumblr account I follow, (all of these are in fact).

  • Anonymous

    This series is one of the few horror franchises I’m really enjoying. I saw the first two when I was in Korea, sitting in dark rooms close to Halloween and scaring the crap out of myself. I thought watching them again would reduce the fear factor, but the anticipation of knowing what was coming just made it all worse! This third one was no different. Love this series and the bits of the story we keep getting from movie to movie. If they keep making them as good as this, I’d be happy to see this series keep going for a long time.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I’m hoping for at least two more movies. They can do a sequel to his prequel still, and then finally do a sequel to the original thereafter. They haven’t slipped at all yet, and that is rare for any film genre, especially horror. 

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