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Paper Heroes

The other day I excited my office printer with a sick arts-&-crafts design from “My Paper Heroes.” I turned a few pieces of brightly colored print outs into the blogs featured image, (AKA Cyclops of X-Men fame, circa 1991). It took simple supplies, and over two hours of concentration, but if you’re looking for a cheap way to dress-up your cubicle than look no further.

How To:

1.) Visit the example download links below.

My Next Desk-Men (Bobby Drake AKA "Iceman")


Norrin Radd AKA Silver Surfer


2.) Supplies you will need include: color printer; blank white printer paper; scissors; tape/glue (x-acto knife; water-based adhesive; and application brush for more advanced projects).

3.) Cut along edges; fold along dotted lines; attach using tabs; piece together as instructed.

The finished product is well worth the time invested. For more advanced projects see the examples below.

Star Wars Episode IV "X-Wing"


Pit from "Kid Icarus"



  • Anonymous

    These are awesome

  • Chris Elliott

    ahahah Man! What a cool piece. Lord knows I don’t have the patience to actually do one, but what a neat idea! Great addition homie. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks… the blog page picture (also my BBM profile pic) is of the Cyclops I made. He is awesome… takes some serious time and patience though. 

  • Anonymous

    Where’s my Silver Surfer JON!!!!????

    • Anonymous

      I will print it off today, and build it on my staycay next week :)  

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