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Pancetta & Sharp Cheddar Omelet

Preparing a decent breakfast often proves to be an unattainable task through the week’s inevitable chaos. There is no disputing that. The average person with somewhere to be early in the AM will find it difficult to conjure up the enthusiasm required to concoct something beyond a piece of toast. However, on the weekend there is no excuse! It’s time to treat yourself.  Give those Pop Tarts a rest. Push that stale box of Cheerios to the back of the pantry. Roll up your sleeves and spoil yourself to one of the best breakfasts you’ve ever had.

With regards to Eggs, everyone has (hopefully) mastered the basics: scrambled, sunny side up and fried. Anything past this, although slightly more complicated, can be easily attained. The key to any egg-based recipe is low heat and timing. With these two things, I promise every beginner to Jamie Oliver level cook will be able to accomplish a pleasing end result.

There are several ways to cook an Omelet, and frankly there is no right or wrong method. I will outline the way I do it, as upon trying others, this remains my favorite. Feel free to sub in/out ingredients of your choice. This is merely a simple guide of how I enjoy mine.


3 Large Eggs

1/3 cup Sharp Cheddar Cheese

1/3 cup Pancetta

1 Tbsp salted Butter

1 Clove diced Garlic

1 Tbsp Olive Oil


1) Scramble the eggs until fully mixed.

2) Dice the garlic and pancetta.

3) Shred the cheese.

4) Heat a large skillet on low and pour in the Olive Oil.

5) Once the oil is hot, pour in the diced garlic and cook until golden brown.

6) Pour in the pancetta and simmer until lightly browned.

7) Place the cooked garlic and pancetta mix into a bowl and let stand.

8) In the same unwashed skillet, place butter in and let melt on low heat.

9) Once the pan is evenly covered with butter, pour in the scrambled eggs.

10) Allow the eggs to partially cook and pour in the cheese, pancetta and garlic.

11) Using a spatula flip each side over each other until contents are covered and wrapped.

12) Allow the eggs to cook through evenly.

13) Serve with sides of your choice.

14) Tell Chris Elliott that he is one slick pimp in the kitchen.


  • Anonymous

    Okay, so if you make me breakfast I will write you love letters!!! Great work, glad to see the return of the recipes and another welcome addition to Taste Buds!

    Side-note: one thing I learned about eggs long ago is that if you want to make them fluffy… mix with water :)

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks dog. I had this on deck for 2 weeks. Just pulled the trigger this morning. Holla.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, if you ever settle down and want to live a normal life I swear I am going to wife you (no heezy)!

  • Anonymous

    Did you take those pictures? Like is that the actual creation process photographed?

  • Anonymous

    This looks so good! Can we have it for dinner the next time you come over?

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