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Ong Bak 3 & 127 Hours

Movies are important to us. When you think about it… every movie you hate, also has a fan you love. For example, I hated Sex in the City. My mom watched it, but I hated it. My roommates in college made me watch it, and I still hated it. Then a special person showed me the movie, and I loved it.

The experience of sharing a movie is a memorable and important social event. My family and I have shared many, and my friends even more. If you love someone I believe it is important to watch the movies they love, (and to find out why). Some of the important movies me and my friends have shared include Speed Racer, The Watchmen, and Social Network. I can still remember each night and afternoon we saw these films clearly.

Today’s Double Feature is about films/experiences I’ve recently shared.

Ong Bak 3

The other week my friend JLB and I stayed in for a “My Life On Demand” evening. Scrolling through our options we stumbled on the recently released, Ong Bak 3. Not only did I share this trilogy’s end with a fellow fan of martial arts movies, I was also introduced to it by one.

Almost a year ago John forced me to sit down and finally watch Tony Jaa in action. I was surprised I didn’t hate the first one, but when I saw the second I fell for the series. I’m a big fan of Asian flicks that take place in their elaborate pasts, and Ong Bak 2 is a gem in the genre.

That said, Ong Bak 3 is a crown jewel; a transcendental journey.

127 Hours

Earlier this evening I enjoyed another “My Life On Demand” movie; another soul searching masterpiece: 127 Hours. Recommended to me by a fellow movie buff and again watched with friends.

Like Social Network, Black Swan, The Fighter, and Inception this film more than earned an Oscar nod.

It’s the story of a man that learns to love. Too often I am caught up in my pride and perspective that I fail to see the beauty of life and the hearts I share it with. I’m grateful for this movie because it made me penitent to the fact I’m blessed to love and be loved. This blog is for those I love, from my friends to my favorite color. If I could end this in yellow crayon I’d write:

Here is the combination to my heart… you.


Me and My Life at the Movies.


  • Anonymous

    Nice double feature and thanks for the SHOUT OUT! I’m actually waiting on Ong Bak 3 as I heard they are doing a trilogy triple pack Blu Ray! Jeah Jeah Jeah! I love those movies man, Tony Jaa is SO damn under-rated by North Amrica. He is such a passionate man, especially when it comes to animals and elephants.

    127 Hours will be what SlumDog Millionaire is. I’ll let it slip by for a year or so then watch it and be blown away!

    Two great movies man. Good job.

    • Anonymous

      I’m excited the combo-pack as I agree Tony Jaa’s trilogy is amazing. I owe you, Luke, JLB and everyone that supported his career for getting my on board. I still am not the biggest fan of the first movie, but I couldn’t live without it in the overall narrative.

      127 Hours is a movie you can wait a lifetime for… it’s that damn good it don’t matter when you watch it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    glad you finally watched 127 hours.
    i love that movie : )
    ps – i think i deserve a shout out soon …

    • Anonymous

      @sabrina_camp You will get a shout-out soon… when we FINALLY go see Gnomeo & Juliet!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    Awesome double feature man. I really like this shit. I’m glad that you’re doing well with it. 127 Hours was AMAZING. Easily my second favorite movie of the year (behind Black Swan). Great work sir!

    • Anonymous

      Nice double! I am gonna go with The Fighter as my best 1st viewing, Let Me In as my favorite film experience, and Inception as the movie I saw most!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=796832563 Connor Sziklasi

    Great read, and I love the point you made about the message in 127 Hours. I loved it because it did it’s job for me; it really reminded me of how much I take life for granted, and I’ve tried to change my mindset ever since.

    Thanks a lot for the shout-out to Dbl. Clutch Critics, we really appreciate it!

    • Anonymous

      No problem… I wouldn’t have seen this movie without your constant co-sign. Keep up the great work at “Double Clutch” ~ Waiting for another double perspective take on a film! Ya’ll are like the new Siskel & Ebert.

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