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Nutshell Movies

Most of you have probably never heard of Justin McGuire and his Tolkien quest. Never fear, as your ever favored filmatic scribe I’m here to explain. Mr. McGuire is the owner/operator of one of the coolest twitter accounts on the triple-w.

@nutshellmovies is a necessary service for any movie blogger worth their weight. It took me awhile to get hip to twitter, but I dove right in after Brian educated me on my ignorance. Once I got the hang of hashtagging and other basics I ventured into making lists. Though there are several there is no list as important to the blog as MLaTwitterMovies; a list that began because of Justin’s ambitious tweets.

Nutshell Movies came across as the one tweeter I needed most: film explanations in 140 characters or less. Though I love the news brought to me by the likes of Twitch & Screen Rant, nothing is as twitter savvy as Justin’s brain child. However, his pet project is so much more than just a must follow twitter account. Equipped with a multi-purpose blog Nutshell Movies is a web worthy venture free for us all.

The website comes equipped with a catalog of all his synopsis tweets, a brilliant trivia game entitled “The Movie Challenge,” and clever Movie Top 10 Lists. He also posts movie reviews and even has a Facbook account for everyone still anti-twitter.

Most importantly he is a fellow fan of movies. Thus, I’m happy to help him out by including him in the ongoing story that is my life at the movies.


  • user99

    Why I’m still anti-twitter I’m not entirely sure, but thanks for this morsel, twas tasty :) happy monday bro.

    • Anonymous

      Dude… you would love twitter. I know you love getting FB updates, thus Twitter is where you should be going as it is way more social. Happy you enjoyed NutShellMovies, Justin really has something great here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on board with Justin and his site, thanks for hipping on him my friend.

    For those who arent, trust me, it is well worth the read! Even if you are not a twitter-nut just visit his site, you’ll love it!

    • Anonymous

      He really is great… and I hope to be able to share more about other blogs/tweeters I utilize to make this ongoing series something for everyone. Justin gets first dibs because he loves our blog as well.

  • Chris Elliott

    This is cool dude. I’m glad you got a chance to but someone else on front street. Good form Slime.

    • Anonymous

      Lots more of that coming as I want to do pieces on @SoBadEffinAwsum @blasfomepgh as well.

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