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MLB Baseball: National League Predictions

Most people I know think Baseball is boring.  Furthermore, they believe that the National League is akin to watching paint dry, (what with the pitcher hitting in the line-up and all). While I whole-heartidly disagree people are nevertheless entitled to their opinions.  The National League is what baseball is all about.  Double steals, triple substitutions, and watching pitchers lay down sac-bunts!

The National League Predictions:

NL West

Winner: San Francisco Giants

Yes, they have been my favorite team since Will Clark, but don’t let that bias fool you!  The Giants are defending World Series champions and the team was able to retain all their key members.  The strength of the team, (i.e.  the pitching line-up of Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, Bumgarner and Zito), remains the best in baseball.  With the Padres losing their only offensive leader in Adrian Gonzalez look for the Giants to win back-to-back NL West titles!

NL Central

Winner: Cincinnati Reds


The Reds were a big surprise last year.  Not many predicted that they would pull off a 91-win season.  But being young upstarts they unfortunetly made some rookie errors in the post season that sent them packing.  But the only way to gain experience is to mix it up with the big boys, and look for this young team to do exactly that in the NL Central.  Even Albert Pujols and the St Louis Cardinals won’t be able to hold them back!

NL East

Winner:  Philadelphia Phillies

According to experts the Phillies had the best starting rotation in baseball last season.  So what happens when you add Cliff Lee?  Another division title and a possible World Series win, that’s what!  The Phillies look unstoppable this year and even though the upstart Braves should put up a good fight the NL East looks to be a one-horse race.


NL Wildcard

Winner: Atlanta Braves


The Braves are good.  Correction, GREAT!  So why the question-marks going into the season?  Well, because the Braves hallmark skipper Bobby Cox retired.  But at the expense of being insensitive Cox’s corpse was all that was coaching that team the last few years.  However, this team is too deep to take a step back.  Two key points:  If the Braves weren’t in the same division as the Phillies they would be division champs.  Also, because of injuries to key players at the end of last season they weren’t able to hit their full potential.  The Cardinals could make a charge for a Wildcard berth but don’t hold your breath.

Well, there they are, my NL (and AL) predictions for this year’s Major League Baseball season. Question them if you will… I dare you!  When that first pitch is thrown this Wednesday it marks the start of good things ahead.  Warm weather, vacation, patio drinks and winter-coat storage.  You might not like Baseball but you gotta love what Baseball brings!


  • Anonymous

    So stoked to see the Braves on this list! Furthermore I love the logo you chose for them (and the Reds for that matter). I’ve always liked the NL more. It’s funny because I was a Braves fan as a kid, and I still enjoy them and the Dodgers. However, I don’t watch or play baseball at all anymore.

    However, with your good influence I hope to change all of that… and as usual we’ll go to a game or two ;) Cue my hatchet chop while I chant “oh-oh-oh-ooooooooooooh! oh-oh-oh-ohhh!”

    • Anonymous

      Yeah man, the Braves have a real good team. Strong players in all of the key positions and their ownership is about winning. ‘

      With the sports pack I plan on watching a lot of NL ball including the Giants (of course), Phillies, Braves and Dodgers! A few drinks on a Saturday afternoon my friend!

      • Anonymous

        Agreed! We will be having a grand old time with the grand old game!

  • Chris Elliott

    I hope you get another Giants series man. That was so nice to watch for you last year. You define what a loyal fan is. All these other crab-ass-marks can beat it!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks man. I have really only picked losers all my life in the world of sports so to see one of my teams win was surreal and un-believable!

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