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Nixon Watches and The World’s Best Deal

I’ve been a fan of Nixon watches for years now. I’ve currently been through two… both of them being The Manual. I loved my first Nixon so much, that when I lost it at the bottom of a lake, I was on a mission to replace it. Being strapped for cash at the time it wasn’t an option for me to run out and grab a new one, so I held off until I could get some funds together. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long. While traveling in Australia I met a guy while having a few drinks and noticed his Nixon. I told him how I lost mine a couple months back during a round of dock fighting at the cottage. It didn’t take long for him to notice I was Canadian and for the rest of the night he referred to me as “Canadia”.  I ended up finding out that he worked in the surf shop at the airport. I told him I’d be leaving the country in a few weeks, and he told me to stop by on my way out.

Three weeks later on my way back to Canada I decided to pop into the surf shop before my flight left. I Doubted that he’d remember me, since I could barely remember him. Still, I managed to track him down. It only took one word to jog his memory; (Canadia) before he greeted me like a lifelong friend. He then took me over to the case where they kept the Nixons and gave me the largest discount he possibly could. I got the tax free discount, the employee discount and the damage discount. I ended up paying about $60 for a watch that was priced over $140 at the time. For now I’m happy with my Nixon watch, but can’t wait to get my hands on “The Banks”.

Priced at $525, “The Banks” is a step up from The Manual. However, it’s worth every penny. Nixon watches mesh style and durability in perfect harmony.  You can’t go wrong with these stainless steel, shock proof, 100m water resistant works of art…in any color you choose. (Available in 6 colour combinations)

Canadian Site: http://ca.nixonnow.com/


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