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Ninjai: The Little Ninja

Without question I am a certified internet junky. Luckily I’m a blogger so my addiction comes with perks. Namely, I waste a considerable amount of time traversing the digital landscape in hopes of finding something worth sharing. I’m like a forty-niner on the digital frontier, and today I bring to you some certified gold.

Years ago, after returning home from Africa, I moved in with my sister and worked at an auto plant. The job was absolute misery, and the fact I worked rotating shifts made it very difficult to spend time with friends and family. My computer became my sole outlet for entertainment and for that entire year of hard labor I spent much of my evenings obsessing over online movie shorts.

Though there are several worth mentioning like Home Star Runner and Salad Fingers, my favorite was Ninjai. This littlest of all ninja’s was a combination of silent wisdom and striking bad-ass-ness. He was a killer with heart… and this emotional dichotomy made for quite the memorable character.

His twelve part series can still be found in full on his home page, and I highly recommend it to all cartoon crazy kids. However, be forewarned this is bloody affair… and rumor has it they’re now working on a full-length feature that’ll bathe its audience in such iron rich rouge.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja (Chapters 1-12)


  • Chris Elliott

    Though I can’t relate to the topic of this piece, I can certainly relate to some of the content. I too know the internal struggles that come along with mindless physical labour. Often times it’s little things like this that bring us enough joy to keep pushing through it. As I get older, I’m definitely starting to appreciate every little thing in life that make things more tolerable. Salut sir. Salut. 

    • Anonymous

      You have to watch these shorts… The total series lasts about 20 minutes or so, but it is far too epic to pass up. Also, click that Salad Fingers short to be weirded out!

  • Anonymous

    I love shorts. This series is amazing. 

    • Anonymous

      Let me know what you think when you finish the whole series… I’ve always thought it so impressionable. They really built a character and a world with this series. 

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