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Nicki Minaj – Blazin’ (Feat. Kanye West)

It’s time for celebration! The queen Barbie, the woman of 100 personalities, the hottest female rapper in years has finally done it. I could not be happier for Nicki Minaj! She has been tirelessly promoting herself(s) for a long time and her hard work has definitely paid off.

Blazin’ is just one of many memorable tracks on her platinum selling debut album entitled Pink Friday. Nicki is at the top of her game on this track. Her punchlines are wittier than ever, her voices are delivered with the upmost conviction and her focus is clear. Perhaps it’s the Simple Minds sample that taps into my nostalgia. Perhaps it has to do with the triumphant drum sequence that feeds my energy. It could have something to do with the fact that Kanye West delivers one of the best verses of his career. Whatever the reason, this song has been the savior to my winter blues.

Nicki Minaj has had to overcome a tremendous amount of adversity in the past two years, and this song is quite simply her declaration of defeat. It’s Barbie bitch… Know that.


Nicki Minaj – Blazin’ (Feat. Kanye West)


  • Anonymous

    I’m cool with Nicki, but I LOVE MARTHA!!! LOL! @ChrisAndFame I gotta agree with you on this one, Ms. Minaj is a beast wrapped in a Barbie box. I also dig that she really went into the 80′s crates with her first effort. Great blog and I hope the other Nicki fans out there feel the same ;) Sliiiiime!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

      Thanks man. I want to do some follow up pieces on the other 80′s sampled hits. Because you’re right, there are a TON on this album. And for that I love it. Thanks for the love. Holla!

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is a god damn animal! I’m a fan of the girl these days, still not sure about shelling the beans out for an album but hey….still a fan!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

      I would say the same. I still can’t bring myself to actually PURCHASE a female rapper’s album, but I won’t lie… I’ve listened to Pink Friday about 20 times since I downloaded it. Definitely not a sleeper.

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