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NFL Playoff Predictions: Round 2

Star Trek  fans know that Spock is a half-human/half-vulcan Starfleet officer known for his emotionless-logic-only approach to solving problems.

What does this have to do with picking the Round 2 winners of the NFL Playoffs?  Well, a lot!  Last week I went the logical route by removing all emotion from the equation.  I used Vegas money lines, expert NFL opinions, and the Law of Averages to figure out my choices.  However, considering what actually happened I’m throwing ‘logic’ out the window!  I’m abandoning the Spock route and now following the emotionally volatile path of Leonard “Bones” McCoy.


Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

I wish there were Vegas-odds on their team buses tragically crashing into each other!  I HATE THESE TWO TEAMS!  That said they are huge rivals, so prepare for a defensive battle unlike any other. Their last seven matchups have been decided by a field-goal or less so look for a tight one here.  The team that has the ball last should win!

Prediction:  Pittsburgh by 2

New York Jets at New England Patriots

Well, the good news for Jets fans is that their team has successfully carried Sanchez’ corpse all the way to a marquee Divisional Championship game.  The bad news is it’s versus the Patriots.  Tom “Gisele” Brady knocks Jets out the air like King Kong!  Don’t believe me?  Click here!  The Jets are a team who like to keep it close and strike late in 4th quarter.  It is a plan that has worked pretty well for them so far… unless they’re too far behind to mount a meaningful comeback.  Look for Brady’s Pats to advance to the AFC Championship easily.

Prediction:  New England by 14


Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons

The Green Bay Packers are a “public” team.  Meaning: they’re a team the regular viewing public and amateur gamblers alike latch-on to because of their famous past performances.  When you think Packers you think Lombardi, snow-covered fields, and miraculous Brett Favre touchdowns.  Considering Aaron Rodgers recent performance everyone and their grand-mothers are looking for them to waltz into the Georgia Dome and hand Atlanta their hats!  I feel otherwise.  Look for the Falcons to keep the ball away from Rodgers with a balanced attack.  Don’t forget, Atlanta lost only one home game this year.

Prediction:  Atlanta by 4

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears

Yeah, Seattle is amazing all of a sudden.  Well get over it!  Even though Seattle beat Chicago this year look for the Bears top-rated defense to swallow up the plays New Orleans allowed them to execute.   Hasselbeck played a perfect game last week; he will be hard pressed to do the same against a defensive core which posts numerous Pro-Bowlers.

Prediction:  Chicago by 10

 I have gone with my gut this week, but can you blame me?  The best time of year is in full swing and I can’t wait to crack another cold Draft!

 See you next week!


  • Anonymous

    I’m actually becoming addicted to this series, because it is what has me addicted to the playoffs in turn. Last week when we watched that Seahawks game I was losing my mind! So this week I am hoping to see them beat the odds again. Also, being the typical viewing public I would like to see Green Bay win as well. Either way I can’t wait to get together for some Buds and some week 2 Playoffs!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks homie! NFL playoffs are a crazy time of year, the hype builds week over week with the time layoff and the matchups become so much more intense!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    bring on another weekend of playoff football !!

    • Anonymous

      Get your beer cap on Sabrina! Who you cheering for???

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WAFXLXV3RIY3QGBWFFTUWAAL3I Adam

    Johnny I 100% agree with you on this … if there are any upsets will be the Falcons losing at home & not enough snow in Pittsburgh helping the Ravens out but maybe we should take our money to Vegas?!?! I know Vince would be down LOL

    • Anonymous

      I would love that! Don’t you dare tempt me!

    • Anonymous

      I would love that! Don’t you dare tempt me!

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