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NFL Playoff Predictions: Round 1

I had a horrible year prognosticating wins and loses in the NFL.  With parody abounding it’s been a rough time for fantasy footballers and pick-em pool junkies alike.  The good news is the season is over and it’s onto the playoffs.  Yes, this is the time of year we sit down with friends, a pitcher of beer, some nachos, and enjoy the grandeur of the NFL!

This year’s playoff promises to be one of the most interesting.  As your resident sports nut I will be looking into the crystal ball in hopes of divining this year’s winners!  Join me, round by round, for a beer-fueled post-season!



Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs

Who would have thought the Chiefs would be AFC West champions?  Well, here they are hosting a game in the frozen tundra of Kansas.  Matt Cassel comes in beat up and is facing an aging but destructive defense in Baltimore.  The Ravens have under-achieved this year; most predicted a division win and a trip to the Superbowl.   Inconsistency by the offense, led by 3rd year pivot Joe Flacco, has landed them a Wildcard berth.

Even though I have a soft spot for the under-dog look for Baltimore to prevail.  KC’s offense is inconsistent and their defense has a tendency to give up the big play.

Prediction:  Baltimore Ravens by 4

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

Manning versus the ‘Sanchize’.  Old guard versus new.  Experience versus hype.  Call it what you want but this is the AFC’s marquee match-up this weekend.  Both teams failed to totally impress in the regular season.  Age and holes in key positions have finally caught up with Indy.  The reign of Mark Sanchez and the Jets hit a bit of a snag with injuries.  While most still have love for the brash Jets I’m going with the savvy vets over in Indiana.  Look for home-field to favor the Colts.

Prediction:  Indianapolis Colts by 1


New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

WTF?!?!  The 7-9 Seahawks won their division and are hosting the Superbowl champs!?!  No wonder league retraction has been discussed!  Who would have thought a team that won four more games than their opponents would have to hit the road for a Wildcard match-up?  If you did then I hope you’re now Vegas rich!  I have no faith in the Seahawks, their quarterback situation is precarious and their running game is transparent.  Look for the champs to flex some muscle and move on easily.

Prediction:  New Orleans Saints by 10

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles

Two words: Mouth Watering!  When this game is on you won’t be able to reach me via text, Twitter or Facebook!  This game features two quarterbacks (Vick and Rogers) in their primes and playing like it.  Bad coaching aside this match-up promises to provide the exciting brand of football these teams have become known for.  This is a classic pick-em game, but look for Vick and the Eagles to hold the edge at home.

Prediction:  Philadelphia Eagles by 3

There you have it.  I have put my meager reputation on the line for the Inter-web to see!  Win or lose this is one of the best times of year for any sports fan: casual or serious.  So crack a cold one, head to your friend’s house/sports bar and enjoy!

See you in one week!


  • Anonymous

    This is a genius series, and a ballsy one at that. Many times we find ourselves talking a big game, but rarely do we play it. I like that you put yourself on the line, made your picks, and gave your reasons. Fingers crossed they all come through as stated, cause I wanna watch the money stack up as well as be hated! HAHAHAHA

    Great job big bro!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks man, I appreciate that! We’ll be watching on SUnday together. That Eagles/Packers game is going to be a good one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i love NFL playoff time!
    too bad my jaguars didn’t make it (again) this year.
    damn indy *shaking fist*
    touchdoooooown ;)

    • Anonymous

      YO! I didn’t know you were a Jags fan! Jags are a cool team! Jones-Drew and Gerrard are sick!!! Just need a receiver and yes, INDY does have your number.

  • Ruben

    I’m going to go against you on a three of the four John.

    NO/SEA – I know the spread is 10.5 but I think its going to be closer then most people think. With Ivory and Thomas on the IR plus the travel time, I think it comes out slightly closer – Say NO by 5. Also, I think a lot of people will pile on for a big NO win, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this line move upwards to 11 or 12 come gameday.

    Pack/Eagles – Spread is Eagles by 3. I flipped a coin and took the Pack. Also, this game is getting so much hype I can’t help but think we’re in for a total beatdown of one team. It’s cold and Vick is beat up, I wouldn’t be suprised to see him limp to the sidelines early and watch Kolb throw this away.

    Bal/KC – I’m going out on a limb and taking KC, and not just because I put $1.16 down on a 100/1 bet before the season that the AFC final would be NE vs. KC. Okay, so that completely why I’m taking KC, but if I have to justify I’m going with the huge homefield advantage of Arrowhead in January and those crazy KC fans.

    • Anonymous

      Love the picks Ruben and thanks for the reply! Let’s break it down!

      NO/SEA-I thought of those same reasons and then I remembered we’re talking about the god damn Seahawks. NO has not had a great season and Seattle is at home in the cold which will help but…IT’S SEATTLE! I think the line will def. go up but I think NO wins by more than one score.
      Pac/Eag-This one was tough and it could go either way and could go as a blowout for sure! I hope it doesnt, I want to see a tight game though. Both teams will make mistakes here and I think whichever coach doesnt blow it should win. That said GB is looking good on defence but this ain’t Green Bay and the Philly crowd should help them edge it out
      KC/Baltimore-Uhmmm….I was going to argue but who cares? I hate these teams……

  • Sharlene Gerontzos

    Love, love, LOVE this blog! You’ve got balls of steel honey and I’m bettin’ on ‘em!

    • Anonymous

      HaHa, it was a tough year though wasn’t it??? CHRIST!

  • Chris

    Dude, this is sick. You make a playa want to jump on some kind of bandwagon. Amazing stuff. Great work man.

    This superbowl, I def want to spend with you guys!

    • Anonymous

      We’re most likely having another Superbowl get-together at my crib. If so, you gotta roll!

    • Anonymous

      PLEASE COME THROUGH!!! Dude it would be great to have the whole team at Johnny’s for Superbowl!!! Him and Shar put on my fav Superbowl party ever last year, and I know they will kill it again. Stoked! VIKINGS… F##K, LOL!

      • Anonymous

        If Chris comes I’ll convince the wife to have one!

  • Colin_romanick

    great picks. woulda done pretty much the same myself. Although eagles are gunna pump greenbay. More than by 3 i think-Vick is gunna but his swagger all over Round 1.

    Im interested in who the steelers will end up playing from all of this!

    • Anonymous

      Hey COlin, thanks for reading!
      Yeah I think that GB game is going to be a blowout either way but it’s such a wildcard because it could go either way depending on who’s offense steps up. We saw how Rogers through like 5 TDs last playoffs and lost! CRAZY!

      I can’t fucking wait to watch this game. In regards to Pittsburgh it’ll be them versus NewEnglnd for the right to go to the superbowl!

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