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NFL Playoffs: Championship Recap

If you’ve been following my playoff predictions you know that: A.) I’ve endured a seemingly ‘cursed’ year of fantasy football; and B.) that I‘ve been using Star Trek metaphors to explain my picks.  Fans of the movies know that in “Star Trek II” a seminal moment takes place.  The antagonist, Khan, leaves a marooned Kirk alone on a crumbling planet to die.  Kirk, in a fit of rage yell’s “KHAANNNNN!” And this moment has subsequently turned into one of the most unintentionally comedic moments in movie history. After my 0-2 performance this weekend I now know the pain of Admiral James T Kirk!

Green Bay Packers defeat Chicago Bears 21-14:  The Packers began the game with purpose.  The first half was all Green Bay and everything about Chicago screamed that they were scared.  The second half was different though and we actually saw the toted Bears defence assert themselves against Rodgers’ aerial prowess.  The finish was a nail-biter, but the Bears third-string quarterback (after Cutler and Collins exited) failed to lead the Bears back for the “W.” Thus, Aaron Rodgers and his team earned their first trip to the Superbowl in 13 years. 


Pittsburgh Steelers defeat New York Jets 24-19:  Just like the early game it was a “tale of two halves.”  In the first the Steelers looked damn well unbeatable.  The offense marched up and down the field while their defence dominated every possession with ferocity.  The second half also mirrored the Bears/Packers game as the Jets began their comeback.  Sanchez looked a man possessed, and the Jets much maligned first half defence held Pittsburgh to zero points for the remainder of the game. But it was all a little too late.  Big Ben led his team to two key first downs with time running down and the Pittsburgh Steelers advanced to yet another Superbowl. 


My tough year got even tougher, but I have nevertheless enjoyed every minute of every game!  This year has seen some amazing playoff moments, performances, and upsets.  The NFL playoffs have always helped keep the winter blues at bay for me.  Hopefully they have done the same for you.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and I’ll see you all soon for the world’s biggest spectacle: my Superbowl blog!


  • Anonymous

    I’m going with the Packers. Having witnessed what they are capable of it seems like the obvious choice. I know @colinromanick will disagree, but what the hell does he know?!?! LOL… Kidding. If the Steelers win I’ll be happy for him. My team didn’t even make the playoffs after all.

    • Anonymous

      I am still formulating my decision for the winner of the Superbowl. Can’t wait to write that blog STAY TUNED!

  • Colin_romanick

    As a true Steelers fan its pretty obvious who I am taking. BUT I feel like alot of people are new found Packers fans just cause they are up against the most hated team in the league. Dont hate perfection, hate the fact that Ben has sexually assaulted more girls than you.

    • Anonymous

      As much as I want to punch you square in the jaw for being a Steelers fan (str8 from a Bengals fan) that is one of the funniest and most crass comments I’ve ever read. MY BOY! LMAO!
      Thanks for reading Colin, I honestly appreciate it. My Superbowl pic will be very interesting, trust me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    Packers or Steelers?? The red pill or the blue pill? Soup or salad … who fucking cares at this point, LOL – It would be nice to see Rogers win one and truly make his mark in Green Bay. If the Steelers win, fine with me (preferably at the cost of Roethlisberger in a wheel chair) I’ve worked for years in Pittsburgh and honestly love the city. If Pittsburgh wins … we’ll never hear the end of “Black & Yellow”!!

    • Anonymous

      Ben kills me, he really does. Both teams look so good (and beatable) right now so it’s a tough call!

  • My_names_connor

    I’m going with my Packers, not doubt in my mind.

    I think Pittsburgh will be held up on offense significantly, and I can see Rodgers dominating.

    Final score? Hmm, how’s 20-16? Weird score, but I’ll take it.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing! I love eveyone getting involved with the scores! I’ll be doing a Superbowl blog on my prediciton and then let the wars begin!

  • Sharlene Gerontzos

    Where’s the freakin’ LOVE button?!?!? Unlike your terrible picks, the way you’ve presented them is incredible. What a great read!

    • Anonymous

      My picks we’re THAt terrible!
      Youre comments make me want to write more, Thanks Shar, you’re the best!

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