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NFL Playoffs: Round 1 Recap

As a child, when I would walk home from school there was one house I feared passing.  In its backyard was a dog: vicious, growling… literally foaming at the mouth. Whenever I’d see him, I’d run home with purpose.  One day I walked by and… no dog.  But my kiddy-spider-sense kicked in and I knew something was up.  I turned around, the backyard gate was open, and the dog was right behind me!

Watching this past weekend’s playoffs was like that race against a rabid dog.  False confidence, fear, and then a sudden sense of impending doom!  Let’s quickly break it down:

Seattle Seahawks defeat New Orleans Saints 41-36: Ugh! So I would have bet my house on this; luckily I’m only a ‘Co Owner’ and my wife had a say.  Matt “Chunky Soup” Hasselbeck showed that he’s not washed up AND that he can play with a broken left-wrist.  Although the Seahawks defense didn’t blow anyone away they kept the Saints at bay, thus allowing for the most explosive offense in the NFL to advance to the next round!  WOW!

New York Jets defeat Indianapolis Colts 17-16: This one could have gone either way.  Both teams were evenly matched, and true to form, these quarterbacks delivered when the clock was running out.  Manning brought his team down to score; however, he literally “Manning-ed” himself by leaving too much time on the clock for ‘new kid on the block’ Sanchez. With :53 seconds remaining Sanchez was able to lead his team to field-goal positioning and the win!

Baltimore Ravens defeat Kansas City Chiefs 30-7: The Chiefs were just plain out matched.  The Ravens defense dominated the line of scrimmage while the offense created enough run-pass balance to bury the Chiefs.  Kudos to KC and their fans on a great season!

Green Bay Packers defeat Philadelphia Eagles 21-16: In the marquee Sunday night match-up both quarterbacks were held in check for long stretches.  The coaching was once again inconsistent, and a hobbled Mike Vick failed to lead his team on their final run. Of Note:  Field goal kicking once again reared its ugly head in the playoffs. This year it was the Eagles who missed two and subsequently lost.

The feeling of doom that filled last weekend has now subsided.  My record is presently a paltry 1-3 and my ego’s a bit bruised.  But it’s mid-week and with hump day comes clarity!  This weekend more beverages will be consumed and more hearts will be broken!

Look for my Round 2 preview/picks coming this Friday!


  • Anonymous

    We watched these games together, and of all of them the Seahawks embarrassing the Saints was definitely the most memorable. They were electric, and that stiff-arm will go down in the playoff memory bank. I love this series, I loved the intro to this, and I can’t wait to go through another round of playoff football this weekend. In the last few years you have slowly brought me back into football and I thank you for it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks cousin. We are both HUGE NBA guys butto be honest NFL football is really the most rewarded sport. The analysis, coverage, format, look (HD quality), presentation and actual gam are un-touchable. It is so organized and polished that you can’t mess with it. Look at the use of replays, no sport can come close to be able to use technology like the NFL (other than for concussions!).
      Thanks for being a part of it!

  • Sharlene Gerontzos

    Like the rest of the NFL season, the first round of playoffs was surprising to say the least. Next time you should pull out your crystal ball when making your picks since this seems to be the only scientific way to predict this season’s NFL games.

    • Anonymous

      This weekends picks are going to be LESS scientific!

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Oh brother, I am so relieved that you are a “Co Owner”. If not, where would we celebrate the Super Bowl this year?!?

    • Anonymous

      Ah it would have been fine! The local YMCA would house us!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    looks forward to another weekend of football :)

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