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New York Fashion Week 2011 – A Review

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/03-Pretty-Babies.mp3|titles=Pretty Babies - Karen Elson]

New York Fashion Week coincided with the Toronto International Film Festival this year, so in the spirit of all things fair, I’m going to bring you the best of New York, just in case you missed it. How could you? It’s been all over everything. I’m exhausted from all the camera flashes – are you?

Not that you missed much. TIFF is never a spectacular fashion event, seeing that Toronto in and of itself is not too spectacular as a fashion scene. Don’t believe me? You have obviously never lived in Europe or New York. It always feels like we’re holding back. Like we’re too judgemental of those that actually take risks. That showing a bit of thigh makes us a whore. Well, let me tell you, well-bahved women never made history, so to all you Toronto women, break out the scandal! Go shop at The Room at The Bay. Holt’s is getting there, but slowly. The Room has nothing to lose and is flaunting the crazy. I love it.

Unfortunately, and this is going to make me eat my words, I know, but NYFashion Week wasn’t all that spectacular either. Prints were loud, kind of garish and cumbersome, the sporty American wear was blah, and although I loved Marchesa, I didn’t see a cohesive streak through that show – at all.  And someone please tell me what Victoria Beckham was thinking – those horrible vinyl police hats, those cheap looking dresses and leather leg warmers… after so many successful collections, this one was a complete flop. You can view all those horrors and more, here.

So who was successful? Well, for prints, Diane Von Furstenburg never disappoints. Her prints are rarely too loud, but always colorful, and she doesn’t overdress her models, so they all look like they’re strolling down a beach boardwalk. It’s fresh, and I’d wear it all. Zac Posen, who never fails to produce exquisite collections of gowns repeated this talent, but the overplay of the mermaid dress and the glare of sheen off his materials was overkill for me. I loved Derek Lam and Yigal Azrouel for the clean simplicity of shape, line and color. It was a calming relief to the assault of prints of the earlier shows.

My favorite remains, as it does in most seasons of Ready to Wear New York Fashion Week – the incomparable Oscar de la Renta. So sexy in those classic cuts, so womanly and fresh in those dresses and with exuberant color that never blinds. If I could have one designer to myself for the rest of my life, it would be Monsieur de la Renta.



Derek Lam and Yigal Azrouel, Diane Von Furstenburg (2), Marchesa and Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta (4)

























































































  • Anonymous

    Enjoyable… especially your animosity :)  

  • Chris Elliott

    Really enjoyed reading this one, Clara! Awesome post. For the record, I totally understand what you mean about Torontonians being complete pussies when it comes to expression and risk. We do need to stop caring so much about what others think and just let it out. I admire your in-depth criticism of the likes and dislikes of this years show. You always have the most witty insight pertaining to anything sartorial. Great job as always! 

  • Claravaz

    Thanks thanks! Milano is next up on the chopping block! But as Italy always does, it will better the fashion scene each and every time. Just out of pure luxurious contempt. But the flops are a bit astonishing still!

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