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NBA Playoffs Round 3 – The Semi’s

It’s hard to recall a Second Round like the one we just saw. The popular consensus was that the Celtics and Lakers were destined to meet in the Finals once again, but that’s why the game is played on the court and not in our heads. The Mavericks and Heat showed the world that the old guard may be dying and that its heroes have an Achilles Heel:  AGE!

When the playoffs began my two picks for the finals were the OKC Thunder and the Chicago Bulls.  Well done right?  Read on for the inner dilemma this lowly forecaster is experiencing.

The East

(1) Chicago Bulls vs (2) Miami Heat

Put aside what the Heat did to the Celtics. Put aside the MVP play of Derrick Rose.  Let’s look at this match-up for what it will ignite… DRAMA!

There are plenty of sub-plots in this series.  Most important of all Lebron was close to signing with the Bulls in this year’s offseason.  Rose, Noah, and Lebron in the Bulls’ red & black, now that would have been gangsta! Instead James left Cleveland for South Beach and his new BFF Dwayne Wade.

Quick fact: The aforementioned duo only do post-game press conferences together.  Not once this year have they done one separately; WEIRD.

The regular season is over and this Heat team has shown growth in defeating Boston.  I’ve never seen the Celtics pushed around like they were last round and that brings me to my own “Decision.” I originally picked the Bulls to go to the finals, but if you know me you know I second guess myself more than a schizophrenic.  With the two best defenses in the NBA squaring off the X-Factor will be crunch-time scoring. That means Rose/Boozer Vs. Wade/Lebron.  From what I’ve seen up to this point I’m back on the Miami bandwagon.

Prediction:  Heat win 4-3




The West

(2) Dallas Mavericks vs (3) Oklahoma City Thunder

One of the many reasons I love my wife is because she loves basketball. I’ll never forget the first time I talked to her on the phone. I asked her what she was up to and she told me she was watching the NBA Playoffs.


There and then I knew I would marry her.  My lovely wife is a huge Dirk Nowitzki fan, and at the beginning of the playoffs she assured me that they would go to the Finals. I thought she was crazy and promptly dismissed her ramblings.


She’s a genius!  As I stated previously I picked the Thunder to go to the Finals. They got by the upstart Grizzlies last round and they look poised to take that next step… right?

Wrong! This Dallas team just dismantled the World-Champions.  Their ball-movement is second to none; Terry and Stojakovic are shooting the lights out; Jason Kidd and JJ Barea are the most underrated (and ugly) PG tandem in the NBA; and Dirk looks unstoppable.

That aside I’m picking Dallas for two other reasons:

1)      I like Mark Cuban!

2)      I love my wife!

Prediction:  Mavericks win 4-3



The NBA Semi-Finals are here.  This is where we separate the contenders from the pretenders. Based on my prognosis (two 7-game series) this round promises battle after battle, night after night.  Next Stop: The NBA Finals.

Lastly, I wanted to shout out fellow Dreamland blogger Jon Godfrey.  I was hoping to co-blog with him all the way to the finals but Kobe Bryant’s wife intervened and changed blogging history.  Don’t despair, if Miami and Dallas square off in the last round Jon will be making a guest appearance in my NBA Finals piece.

Thanks for reading!


  • Anonymous

    Like any sports analyst worth their weight you have the ability to see past prejudice and simply follow the talent. I see it whenever we go to games together or watch them out on the town. I am not the most pleased that the Lakers chose to let themselves lose so easily. They were a better team than the one they let themselves play as. I am disappointed and I expect them to take a ring again soon. Until then my hopes are with the Mavericks. The only team worth losing to is the one that takes the crown. If it is a Heat Vs. Mavericks final it will be good for ratings and may create a new league rivalry with greater depth. Fingers crossed. 

    • Anonymous

       Thanks Jon, much appreciated.

      The lakers looked a little to complacent for my liking.  That said, the Mavs executed an amazing game plan that caught the champs unaware.

      If all goes as planned we’ll be blogging together again soon!

  • Sharlene Gerontzos

    first, I have the best husband in the whole world. second, I hope my love for Dallas doesn’t make him look like an ass. i personally think Dallas deserves to go all the way but the semis are going to be intensely competitive and it really always is, anyone’s game.

    • Anonymous


  • Chris Elliott

    Awesome post dude. Again, even though I don’t follow basketball, I can always appreciate how you drop these  predictions. I like that line you had in the first paragraph “That’s why the game is played on the courts and not in our heads”. Classic. I hope you and Jon do another team up. I really enjoy it when you do. Holla.

    • Anonymous

       Thanks man, its been a wild post-season for sure!  Thanks for reading!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AY6EB7MJ4ZJG3IEC6YSZITJBTQ Erik Russell

    If anything has an effect on the Western Finals, it’ll be the length of the second round for the Thunder.  I think they had an advantage over the Mavs in speed and energy, but those 7 games might prove to be the equalizer when facing a team like Dallas with a LOT more experience and maturity.  I’ll take Jason Kidd over Westbrook ANYDAY!!!  I just got setup with HD Free for life through my work at DISH network, as I needed something to console me after my Nugs got knocked out by the refs in Rd. 1.  Now I save $120/year on my HD, and it makes watching the Thunder moving on a little more bearable haha!!!  If you wanna check it out go to Dish.com/200HD!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, Russell is a bit to “shoot first” for my liking in this series which may cost them.  Also, the Nugs huh?  I like the trade!  You guys look like a Ruker park team homie!

      I’ll check out the dish network as well.  Thanks for reading Erik.

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