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2011 NBA Playoffs – Round 2 Predictions

If you’ve been following this post season blog you know I believe the NBA Playoffs are the best in all of sports. There have been electrifying games and performances in every series so far. Couple that with a potential changing of the guard, (e.g. Memphis, Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Miami), and you have the greatest start to an NBA Playoffs in over a decade!

The results were better than good for your favorite bloggers.  I went 5 for 7 (with 3 predicted perfectly). While Jon Godfrey’s Lakers series was bang on!  Now we’re back to for the even more intense Round 2.

The East

(1) Chicago Bulls Vs. (5) Atlanta Hawks

If you watched the Hawks beat the Magic you witnessed the shooting gallery.  The team with the best shooter (Jamal Crawford) won, (but at the price of point-guard Kirk Hinrich).  The Bulls were pushed hard by an upstart Pacers.  They showed some weakness, (particularly in Boozer), but their heart helped them advance.

This series will come down to consistency.  Both teams, especially the Hawks, are prone to offensive slumps.  Jamal Crawford is the X factor though. If he can heat up during the course of this series look for Atlanta to frustrate Chicago.  That said, unless God himself suits up for the Hawks they won’t upset the defensive Bulls.  Especially if Rose and Noah have anything to say about it!

Prediction:  Bulls win 4-2

(2) Boston Celtics Vs. (3) Miami Heat

This is what fans have been waiting for since “The Decision” was made.  This series will define the course of the NBA for the years to come.  If the Celtics win NBA GM’s will see merit in assembling veteran squads.  If the Heat win they’ll be tempted to spend their payrolls on superstars with pennies for has-beens.

The Celtics have returned. They swept the Knicks and Shaq is back. The Heat made quick work of the 76ers, and Wade, James and Bosh all looked good.

The Celtics are just too good to be put out by the upstart Heat.  Miami has come a long way and will dominate in the future, but not just yet!  Allen, Garnett, Pierce and Rondo will overwhelm the Heat.

Prediction: Celtics win 4-2

The West

(3) Los Angeles Lakers Vs. (4) Dallas Mavericks

Oh, the blessed second round. Traditionally this is where the Lakers shine. That said, they’ve never faced Dirk’s Mavs in the post season. That said… who cares! The infinitely diverse play of number 24 has channeled the dunking power of the ghostly number 8. Fisher’s shooting is picking up, and Bynum is in full beast mode. Furthermore, things are getting thuggish with Artest and Barnes bullying on defence. In the first round we saw Dallas struggle against Portland’s big men. Suffice it to say they’re not ready for Gasol, Odom and Bynum in this post-apocalyptic push. Dallas goes down. In flames. Again. The yellow brick road continues for the purple princes! Lakers in 5.

Prediction: Lakers win 4-1

(3) Oklahoma City Thunder Vs. (8) Memphis Grizzlies

Wow Memphis!  I must say watching them defeat the Spurs was both shocking and amazing. The Zombie Sonics also looked great in their Round 1 matchup.  Denver is a tough team that was made to look weak by Durant and Co.

With the acquisition of Perkins this looks to be OKC’s year to dance with the Lakers in the Conference finals.  Memphis just doesn’t have enough authority to boss around the Young Thunder!

Prediction:  OKC win 4-1

If any of you readers are gamblers then stick with us. With an amazing Round 1 now over it’s time for the excitement of Round 2 to begin.


  • Jonathanleebrock

    Gee I wonder which part Godfrey wrote… lol well done boys.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha! You know my heart bleeds for those boys. They are the one thing in life outside of myself and loved ones that truly inspire me. I hope they get to the finals because there will be some tears to discuss after all this blood and sweat.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for reading big man! Game 1 Boston v Miami is nuts!

  • Chris Elliott

    You know I don’t know shit about Basketball or any other sports for that matter, but this was incredibly well written and articulate. Your usual level of insight was delivered, and for that I applaud you.

    • Anonymous

      You gotta come for a finals game. Trust me, you will see that insane side you never have come out of me. Everybody know I get dramatic and public during Lakers finals!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks homie. We’ll grab some drinks and watch a game in the next few weeks!

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Wow…. What happened to the Lakers? Great piece buddy! Can’t wait to read about the next round.

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