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Nautica Watches

Seasons are changing. This time… for the better. Spring is in the air. I am finally shedding my thick shawl-collar sweaters and trading them in for my essential dock gear. Seemingly, I have covered all of the bases for my new spring wardrobe. A couple pairs of docks shoes, a handful of classic Dreamland Apparel T’s, an assortment of smart khakis and of course my usual onslaught of not-yet-popular-to-the-masses sunglasses. Although, as I glance over to my night table, I realize there is room for a little expansion. Mainly in the watch department.

If you’ve read any of my early blogs, you will remember the various “Time-Check” pieces. Within these posts, I have reviewed various watches that caught my attention. Nixon, being the most covered brand, garnered the most inspiration for myself. Although, after reviewing the Nautica Watches 2011 Spring/Summer collection, I couldn’t help but become intrigued by some of the simplistic beauty in which they possess.

Like most things in my closet, these watches represent the timeless elegance and class that I so infinitely strive for. A demonstration of function & form in the highest caliber. For such class, such beauty and such precision, it is a wonder that these timepieces range in price from only $100-$500.


  • Anonymous

    Nothing says Dreamland like Dock gear! You taught me that long ago, and it good to see you preaching! Great piece, and as for great time pieces… I love that black & brass number at the bottom ;) SLIME!

    • Chris Elliott

      Yesir! I like that one as well. My favorite of these however, is the one I posted as the featured image. Loved it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a fan of Nautica and man these designs are dope. I been looking for a new affordable watch for some time now, where can I cop one live and not on the net?

    • Chris Elliott

      I’ve seen them in the Bay before. That would be your best bet. Some really nice pieces eh? I was definitely impressed as well.

      • Anonymous

        I’m going to get one for sure. I seriously need a new watch and I cant deal wuith metal bands….EVER

      • Chris Elliott

        I too, have grown tired of the metal bands. Rubber or Leather is the new thing.

      • Anonymous

        Neither can I! It’s all about the leather or rubber bands!

  • http://twitter.com/sabrina_camp sabrina

    wow the one with the black band & cooper face is SO nice!

    • Chris Elliott

      I know eh! I’m addicted and I had to seriously hold back from copping one of these today ahaha.

  • @MRcromanic

    Black band and copper for sure! I have a pretty intense watch obsession. Great Post. Actually in the market for a new watch. I’d be more into that Black and Copper coloured Nautica if it had a leather band. The rubber looks cheap.

    Noticed you mentioned Nixon. Used to be into nixon, had the black Nixon player when it first came out, then 5 years later everyone was wearing them. Nautica is a watch brand that has been swept under the rug, but these designs look great!

    • Chris Elliott

      Couldn’t agree with you more sir. However, I will say, that as of late I’ve become a sucker for the rubber band. I understand what you’re saying about it look cheap. Although, to me, it provides that sporty edge that the others lack.

      I’m glad you dig these watches though. Definitely a classy collection.

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