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My Life At The Movies: Writing

I’ve been blessed with wonderful friends and acquaintances; people who in their infinite kindness lie to my face and tell me I should try my hand at writing. Despite the veiled nature of their suggestions I will again turn a blind eye and put metaphorical pen to digital paper.
Now that the writing is underway, the issue becomes what should I write about? In the past the majority of my literary endeavors have focused on the topics of emotional turmoil, rap music, and the mysteries of God. An eclectic array of subject matter to say the least, but I’d rather write about something new.

As a surprisingly entertaining film entitled “Julie & Julia” plays on the screen in the background, my topic of choice becomes ever more evident… movies. Thus “My Life at the Movies” begins.
In truth, my life at the movies began long ago, when at five years old I leapt fearlessly from atop my basement fireplace onto a checkered sofa below. The movie playing in the background that day was aptly titled “The Boy Who Could Fly,” and because of the effects and impressionable score, as a boy, I thought I could. As a boy movies were my teachers, thee Aristotles to my Alexander, tutoring me about the world I would one day conquer. I’m a man now, and the only excuse I can come up with as to why I haven’t conquered the world yet is because the film isn’t finished yet.

The light still dances across my life’s ‘background screen’, the light still shines upon the world that will one day be my own. Now I know this is quite the self-indulging statement, I know I’m a tad heavy with these poetic-prose; I mean we are just talking about movies after all, aren’t we? Movies are anything but “just movies”! They are the literature of the West, where ink and paper once were now light and sound have come to be.

Don’t you remember the first time you saw Julia Roberts, in a red strapless dress, laugh adorably at Richard Gere as he snapped at her gloved hands? You couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Or the moment Mel Gibson; as William Wallace, finally let go of his treasured totem and through torturous pain scream for redemption? It literally broke your heart. I mean I can literally hear the candescent horns break through those haunting strings while I cast that scene in words. Emotion after all will never be as poignant as when you’re first confronted by a film that will define the rest of your life.

In a way, that is why I feel I have lived my life at the movies. It is not that I am unattached from reality, or a hopeless romantic; it’s that movies have been there to describe my minor adventures on an epically grand scale. That’s why I love them, that’s even why I love to write about them, and why I decided to try this whole idea of writing once again. That’s my life at the movies.
John Godfrey


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