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My Life At The Movies: Wall Street (Money Never Sleeps)

August 27th 2009: I’d written my last set of finals and packed my few remaining possessions. With my credit cards maxed, and no job in sight I was off to conquer Toronto “come what may”.

I moved into my friend’s mother-in-law’s basement, worked three jobs, and lived through relationship hell for the first four months. Thereafter I hustled my way into the sales job I desired. My work in sales led me to Dreamland co-creator Christopher Michael Elliott. From there many of you have experienced the digital side of the story, but it still feels like the first chapter has only just begun.

Greed is good! Gordon Gekko had it right: If you want something, go out and get it! Wait… it’s not 1987 anymore, dammit! Unfortunately it’s 2010 and it seems my surrogate father has some new lessons in store.

Oliver Stone is back with the sequel to his 80’s epic “Wall Street”. It’s been twenty-three years, but just as the recession has returned so too has Daddy Gekko. However, the world of Wall Street has changed. Instead of following in Gekko’s foot-steps via the naïve Buddy Fox, this time around I got to walk alongside him with Jake Moore.

Since my viewing on Saturday evening I’ve had several conversations with friends/family who have also watched the movie. They helped lead me to understanding there is an underlying beauty within this unsettling sequel. Whereas in the initial film I was led to see Gekko’s strengths via Fox’s weakness; this time Gekko’s failures were highlighted by Moore’s courage.

Now, I don’t want to ruin these insights by offering excessive details, (but such revelations still need to be shared). It should come as no surprise that said revelations were found within the film’s love story. My boy Jake Moore first appears on the silver screen as the love interest of Gekko’s daughter. Winnie having worked to distance herself from her father’s shady reputation soon finds Jake allured by the same. Like cascading dominoes the man she loves falls fast forward into becoming the man she hates. Then everything changes.

To shadow it with metaphors, old man Gekko stepped in and told me to grow up. Money is good, but love is better. The first is easy to come by, and the other hard to find. It’s 2010 now and although money might get me the suits, it will never get me the ties. It may help me rise to the top, but never to fall on her lips. Mr. Gekko, Mr. Moore, thanks for escorting me with insight into the next chapter of my life at the movies.


  • John Gerontzos

    After watching this with you I feel the same way. It has mellowly smoothed it’s way into my system (I’m still nick-fittin’) and I respect it a lot more than a few days ago.

    Great blog my brotha.

    • Jon Godfrey

      Thanks man. Ya I have to go see it again. I was too zonked the first time around to really appreciate what Stone was offering. I knew I loved it though because I couldn’t stop talking about it.

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