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My Life At The Movies: Takers

It was 1AM and I was trapped on a crowded ferry returning from Toronto Island. Having just endured 15 hours of Moby loving hipsters, all I wanted to do was get to the TIFF after party before it was too late. As the lackluster turbines struggled to push us through Lake Ontario, so too did the birthday boy beside me struggle to put on a life-jacket. You see, it was also my friend Adam’s birthday, and he was determined to make the most of it. However, a fellow passenger felt otherwise as he suddenly became agitated by Adam’s antics, and chirped at me to make him stop. Taken aback I tried to calm the upset stranger down with a passive hand gesture. He slapped my hands away and made an off-the-cuff remark. I saw red. So did my fists, and with my hand-eye coordination in agreement I corrected the young man’s disrespect.

I’ve done a lot of crazy things in the name of friendship, and that is why I enjoyed the movie Takers. “Takers” is an action heavy caper flick packed with eye candy. It centers around six colleagues, their criminal adventures, and their individual outlooks on the role of friendship.

Being a man who takes friendship seriously I find it easy to relate to several of the characters personal plights. The first character I found myself associating with was Jesse. Being the youngest member of my inner-circle I know the feeling of being portrayed as a problematic and misinterpreted child. However, as Jesse shows in the movie, despite being a day-dreaming youngster he is also the most loyal. I only pray that my dedication to those have supported me extends beyond the best of times, and into the worst.

John is the second ‘Taker’ I find myself sharing a kinship with. Besides sharing a name, I’m intrigued by John’s managerial skills. Having risen from the lowly ranks of a car thief to the crew’s boss, John is a take no shit type of guy with his mind on his money. Since moving to Toronto I’ve definitely adopted a slice of this approach into my overall attitude. I realize, like John, that to truly succeed is to master control. Watching John stay a step ahead in the movie reminds me that I need to continuously increase my stride.

Lastly, I find that Jake perfectly portrays my heart. Jake is the one man in the group smitten by love. Anyone who knows me knows how I have been struck exactly so. To see Jake struggle to balance his love life alongside his turbulent work life was definitely eye-opening… and more so, heart hitting. In the end Jake awakened me to the fact that though your boys are always there for you… nothing can replace a woman who will always love you.

So with all that said, let me settle my weary fists and raise a glass. This one goes out to my boys, my girl, and my life at the movies!

Jon Godfrey


  • Johnny Gerontzos

    Gangsta azz flick right here! Summer of Sony baby!

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