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My Life At The Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The Time: A quarter past 1994. The Event: The Battle of Beachwood. In the eighth grade my childhood friends and I came to a crossroads. “Mark” and “Shawn”, my prepubescent cub-scout buddies, had taken a liking to new kid “Derek”. I on the other hand thought Derek was a douchebag! Mark and Shawn thereafter went about creating a plan to remedy things. The plan came to it’s fruition in the winter of 1994. One day after school, trudging home alone through the snow, I found myself cornered by Derek and his crew, (a group including Mark and Shawn). Tossing caution to the wind I went at Derek like an arcade fighter. A few childhood strikes into it and the fates changed fists; namely Mark and Shawn’s fists. I felt the gloveless hands of deception strike my face, side, and stomach… but it didn’t hurt. Betrayal seemed to bruise instead of break, because I’d discovered the importance of having ‘enemies’.

That is the central theme behind the movie/game cartridge entitled Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The film revolves around its title character, his love for a troubled girl, and battle toward enlightenment.

Lesson #1: Earn the Power of Love: Scott Pilgrim starts the movie as a modern age Cameron Frye; an individual overwhelmed by the wrath of the world.  I’ve made friends with that feeling many times. I’ve been betrayed, forgotten, doubted, and tossed aside enough to know about the struggle for happiness. Then you meet a girl and everything changes. Not because she is beautiful, (even though she is),  because she helps you find the will to conquer.

Lesson #2: Earn the Power of Self-Respect: Does she really love me though? Does anyone? Scott is plagued by these doubts. And I have to admit that I’ve wrestled with similar thoughts in my years. I mean it seems almost easier to lose myself in someone else, than it is to love ‘who I am.’  As powerful a blade as love can be, nothing is stronger than self-respect. I’ve learned in life, (like Scott), that being myself is how I snap necks and cash cheques best.

Long ago Mark and Shawn kicked my ass into being enemies. Looking back now I’m still glad they did. I wouldn’t be here writing this blog if no one ever came along and forced me to fight back. I would’ve never mastered this one-two combo that is my life at the movies.

Jon Godfrey


  • kyle

    hey hit me up on the e-mail or through text (404) 805-1064 to give me some more info in dreamland

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    I’ve had this movie on my mind a lot as of late (even though its been a good 4+ months since I last saw it). Maybe its because of my current relationship or maybe its because Queen Video on College St. has a poster of it in the window that I pass everyday but this movie was one of the funnest theatre experiences I can remember. Only Speed racer from a few years can compare.

    I saw this 3 times – First up at Yonge and Eglington, then Scotia, then back up at Yonge and Eg. The Yonge and Eg experience was amazing … people cheering and clapping and expressing their love for not only this graphic novel but their love for the all too familiar Toronto landmarks (hence the experience being heightened by seeing it in an older, more established, old money, born and raised Torontonian area).

    This will 100% be added to my Blu-ray collection – Thanks Godfrey!!!

    • Anonymous

      This movie, and now the graphic novel series, definitely continue to inspire me. Interestingly enough it is the story that resides under all the pop culture I love that really intrigues me the most. He has a real, honest, and in depth narrative that can easily be taken for granted amidst his great visuals. I loved it too, and think the blu-ray buy is a great choice. THUMBS UP!!!

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