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My Life At The Movies: My Soul to Take

It was 1987 at Elizabeth Ziegler when I first saw it; a Freddy Kruger replica glove. A fellow student was showcasing it for some mesmerized kids, and I quickly became one of them. I was next confronted with Wes Craven’s monster in 1989 at a local Jumbo Video. In their famous horror section stood a full-sized statue of Freddy, and though it terrified me, I always returned to decorate the glass with finger prints.  Then in 2009 while I was making ends meet selling washing machines I saw the Infinifilm edition of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Suddenly my childhood nightmare was again staring back to me.

I’m a pretty big horror fan, and suffice it to say, Wes Craven’s dream child is still my favorite Slasher. Thus, seeing Wes Craven had modeled a new concept killer for the 2010’s I collected some friends to catch a glimpse.

“My Soul to Take” is the story of seven teenagers born the same day their village’s famous killer died. When the kids step onto the stage they are celebrating their sixteenth birthday. They believe the soul of this killer is trapped within them, and that certain measures need to be taken to ensure he won’t possess them. (With the addition of 3D visuals this venture sounded like a certified winner).

I mean, the movie followed the same model that made “Nightmare” a famous franchise!

First, it utilized an interesting concept, and harped incessantly upon related metaphors. Nightmare on Elm Street focused upon the world of dreams, and throughout the seven films it made use of pop academia to explore it. My Soul to Take in turn focused on ‘the spirit’. However, instead of collecting relative ideas to help structure a straight-forward plot, it rather created a cluster-fuck of unintelligible storytelling.

Furthermore, Soul like Nightmare revolves around a group of adolescents, kids that share a mysterious history with a murderous local legend. Yet while Nightmare built a historical repertoire between the teens and their stalker, Soul spent its time working out confused relationships between its cast. Oh, and the killer, he is nothing more than an absent afterthought.

My childhood Nightmare has now grown up to become a Soul-less adult. It’s frustrating to be offered a bastardized version of a once great idea. It’s unfortunate that it came with a 3D ticket price and no pop-out visuals. It’s the first upset in My Life at the Movies.

Stay tuned for Week 3 of “Horror Month”!


  • Chris

    The truth shall set you free! Love the honesty in this piece man. Kudos to your first dissapointment blog! I love it.

  • Jonathan-Lee

    Great piece, horrible movie! Hopefully the next one we see is better. Mind you, I don’t think it could possibly be worse.

  • John Gerontzos

    Piece aside, that replica kids Freddy glove is epic. You know how long I wanted that thing?

  • Rachel

    I remember that glove, creeped me out. I also remember that Freddie statue, pretty much terrifying! Love the piece. It was good to see a negative review. I’m actually surprised there haven’t been more! Maybe you’re just avoiding the bad flicks.

  • Jon.Godfrey

    Rae Rae!!! My whittle sis… ya you remember when dad actually got me that glove? Damn I loved that thing, I think I had it all the way till the Beachwood days. Anyways, I have been avoiding bad films, I don’t like negative reviews. However, this movie was beyond bad, it was a certified ZERO!

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