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My Life At The Movies: Mesrine: Part 1 – Killer Instinct

Moments Prior: I’d arrived late to a friend’s going away party. Rushing towards our table I was quickly informed, (by a friend), about our beautiful waitress. His sly remarks failed to describe her adequately; the woman was a goddess, a deity with adorable wit. Seeking to win her favor I offered to pay our bull before exiting. Now: Her grin rested beautifully below her enslaving glance. She pushed the cheap leather billfold toward me, ‘come on!’ I thought, ‘say something!’ “What would you like for a tip?” I said confidently. Looking around confused she replied, “I don’t know, nobody ever asks me that. I guess 20 bucks?” Without skipping a beat I answered, “I’ll give you 40 for your number.”

Truth be told I would have given anything to gain that celestial temptress’ attention… I would have done whatever it took. Mesrine: Part 1 – Killer Instinct is a Mafioso masterpiece about getting what you want, and doing it by any means necessary. Now, it must be said that Jacques Mesrine is a little more homicidal than me with his approach, but that’s what happens when a serial-killer-stache is part of your wardrobe.

This is the type of movie that makes me feel more like a viewer than a character. When it comes to movie gangsters there are two types: the Michael Corleone(s); and the Tony Montana(s). I relate more to the contemplative and brooding Michael; Jacques on the other hand is a Tony, a Tony Montana on a double-rainbow dose of blow. It’s precisely this “made-man” divide that puts me in my seat, and not in the characters shoes.

However, I wish I had a little more ‘Mesrine’ swagger in my step. It would be a nice change of pace to confront my challenges with weaponry instead of words. I’d love to avenge my friends by burying their problems in an open grave. Hell, I’d even love to toss a gun over my head and shoot blindly, just to honor my word. Sometimes being responsible doesn’t come with enough bullets it seems.

I’d love to be Jacques for a day just to iron a few things out… but just for a day. Because the thing is Jacques doesn’t have that goddeses number, I do. Nevertheless, I’m so glad this French crime epic has a sequel. End Part 1 of this volume of my life at the movies.

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