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My Life At The Movies: Let Me In

I was raised in a video store. “The Video Movie House” was where I first met my lifelong friends. From 1981-1988 my dad worked part time for this once great VHS depot. Considering a rental membership was over $100 a month, my dad took on the extra work to provide our family with miles of film. I was raised in a video store, and movies are my life.

As I got older I learned of the Academy. Academy membership is the ultimate status symbol in the world of film. From the day I learned about its purpose and power I knew I wanted to join. You see I was raised in a movie store, and I always wanted my own shelf. I was raised in front of the silver screen, and I’ve always wanted to determine what’s gold.

The reason I share with you these facts is that I’ve found my best actress pick from this year’s top performers. Call it premature, but Chloe Moretz’ performance in “Let Me In” deserves a statue. Let Me In is a remake of the Swedish film, “Let the Right One In”; a haunting tale about immortal love and its gothic characteristics. Not since my adolescent reading of “Dracula” have I seen the tragic tale of the vampire portrayed so convincingly. It’s the struggle of the monster trying to be viewed as everything but. It’s a story I can relate to.

My best friend always tells me I’m a martyr, an aged ‘Emo’, and overall glutton for punishment. You see, I like Chloe’s character in the film (Abby), both fear and long for love. A vampire is the very symbol of life without love. However, my life isn’t symbolic, it’s mine. From the dark pools of blood that bathed this film arose a story of hope. It said that no matter how bad, how evil, how broken things get there’s always a chance to start over. There is always a chance to find a way, to fall in a way, back in love. I hold onto that hope every day.

Even when you can’t see the sun, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It may hurt at times to accept that life isn’t the way you thought it was suppose to be. It’s still life nonetheless. I like you have only one to live. I like Abby have to accept that though I can be evil, it doesn’t mean I can’t be loved. Thank you Hollywood for bringing back the vampire! Thank you for adding to my life at the movies.


  • John Gerontzos

    Loved this movie, one of my favs all time in this genre. It’s good to see Hammer films back in the mix! I will say I really wouldnt consider this as a traditional horror movie as it is so genre bending. Combining a coming of age story with a horror movie is certainly unique to me (although it has happened before). These two kids have a crazy future ahead of them, let’s hope they don’t ‘brat pack’ on us.

  • Chris Elliott

    Dude, That post was amazing. This is totally the type of movie I’m attracted to. I really like the way you laid it all out. Dopeness.

  • sabrina

    can’t wait to see this movie tomorrow.
    i’m scared eeiiii.

  • Sheena

    Authors final verdict which one do you prefer? Let me In or Let the right one in? The original scared the shizzle out of me.

  • Jon.Godfrey

    I still have to see the original to be honest. However, it will be hard to top this remake as Chloe Moretz is absolutely masterful!

    • Ms Anonimity

      The original is definitely worth seeing. I saw ‘Let the right one in’ when it came out and this recent remake was really well done – a lot of the artistic scenes/shots used in the original were authentically maintained in the remake. Would have to say that this remake is one of the VERY few remakes that due the original justice which is really surprising since the 1st only came out 2 years ago.

      • Jon.Godfrey

        I do really wanna see the first film. I also wouldn’t mind checking out the book they are both based off of. Thank you so much for sharing, and reading. MLatM are my fav pieces to write and I love when people check em out :) :) :)

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