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My Life At The Movies: Easy A

Growing up Mormon meant that every Sunday came with the “3 Hour Block”. An eighth of my Sunday pie dedicated to discussions about righteous behavior, and God did I hate it! At eleven years old, I rudely interrupted the second hour by sharing some of my favorite biblical passages. You see, I have a certain theological affinity for demonology, and suffice it to say that didn’t go over well. Sharing a few choice verses about the devils got me ejected from class and into my father’s humored hands.

I never fit in at church, but that was bearable. Luckily I didn’t have as tough of a time fitting in at secondary school. Olive, on the other hand, had a rough go at in the movie “Easy A”. As the film’s star Olive finds herself unjustly branded as the hallway harlot, yet for the sake of popularity, she embraces the stained emblem proudly.

Having been painted a scapegoat before, I know what it’s like to try and fit in where I can’t. Like Olive I’ve gone to extremes to stake my flag atop popularities hill. However, I’m not here to share tactics on how to ruin your life. Following Olive’s footsteps, I hope to share a few pointers on how to maintain a smile whilst still an outcast.

1.)    Guilty Pleasure(s):  Olive chose to embrace the dramatic arts. Me, I got into comics. Nothing helped to distract me more from being unwanted than the colored pages of the X-Men.

2.)    Family: Though my parents weren’t as liberal as Olive’s, they were/are just as hilarious. When the social scene fails to include you, never forget that those who birthed you are forced to by law, (at least until you reach 18).

3.)    Friends: Like Olive I have my own Rhiannon. A crazed companion willing to endure Dickens-esque times in the name of ‘almighty friendship’. I’ve learned the lesson time and time again that real friends offer two things: forgiveness; and laughter.

4.)    Love: This is where the lovely Olive offered me her greatest insights. It’s okay to want a John Hughes romance. It’s justifiable to wait for the perfect kiss, and hope the wait is worth it. To find yourself on the lips of the one you want will help you fight a nation of those who don’t.

It’s a simple formula, but trust me it works. Though much of the religious community is still agitated with me, they’ve at least stopped trying to wipe the smile from my face. I’m happy, I’m me, and it took a long time to realize that. Like Olive I had to walk through our hell before I could fist-pump in heaven. Now I’ve get an arm raised high, here in my life at the movies.

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