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My City: FanExpo

On August 27th, 2009 I moved into a basement apartment on Twenty Sixth St. Since that time I’ve endured a plethora of experiences and met a gaggle of interesting people. I live in Swansea village now and since the success of MLatM, (My Life at the Movies); I’ve felt compelled to share with new and future readers, my experiences and friendships found here in Toronto.

To start things off I figured I’d get vulnerable and show my geeky side. Last weekend I went with my buddy John to Toronto’s annual FanExpo. A multi-faceted convention geared towards comic book junkies, Sci-Fi fans, Anime enthusiasts, and Horror groupies. Having not been able to go the past two years it was high time I got back on the horse and head over to yonder convention center.

Saturday August 28th I began my day waiting in line behind thousands of people to enter the festivities. After paying my admission fee my senses were overwhelmed by the numerous sights and sounds that is FanExpo. Post looking over a few booths, and venturing down ‘Artists Alley,’ Johnny and I hit the lobby to take a breather. Sitting against a wall with a sigh and a slump who did we bump into but Stan Lee. We didn’t really get the chance to talk with him, but suffice it to say the guy is a class act.

Afterwards we chilled with the G4 tech staff in their stylish Rogers booth; and who woulda thunk it Miri from “Reviews on the Run” told me she read MLatM and loved it! It was an overwhelming experience and I was left speechless for a few moments as I let the news sink in.

Following the excitement I found myself in a ninety minute line to meet my fanboy crush Felicia Day; having seen her in such things as “Dr. Horrible” and “The Guild” I was excited to say the least. Felicia was extremely nice, a pleasure to chat with, and kind enough to take a picture with me. All in all it was a great topper to the nerd cake known as the 2010 FanExpo.

I highly recommend you all attend next year, I’ll definitely be there. I mean where else can I find a BSG Viper Pilot badge for my murse? LOL, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next edition of My City.

Jon Godfrey


  • Johnny G

    I had such a shitty time at FanExpo….kidding!

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