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The concept of “motivation” is an interesting one. Besides being the other half to every semen soaked crime scene on CSI, it is also essential to every step worth taking. I say this because success is weighted by watchful eyes. Those with heavy lids see it dimly, believing wealth and the collection of goods to be evidence of such. The sparkle of gold blinds the masses into thinking its color equals a crown. However, success to me is measured by motivation.

What is it that drives you to reach for it? If it be nothing more than material gain, the simplicity of your pursuit fails to describe the goal. Success is achieving that which seems impossible. Patience in your passion, and purpose in the same. With that said there is no motivation greater than love. It is divine in its essence; existing in a creation crafted by the same.

The reality of such a motivation echoes throughout the melodies of Kelly Rowland’s latest ballad. Featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Jim Jonsin, this hypnotic release provides R&B with a breath of new life.

The lead single of her upcoming album “Here I Am,” Motivation is sure to spark sales on July 26th. However, as was already alluded to sales are far from success. Ms. Rowland should be proud to have a song that inspires desires pure and plain. I’d forgotten how deep the depths of love do run, and the snow white nature of its push.

“Ya this is deep, but I go deeper. Make you lose yourself, and finders keepers.”


  • Chris Elliott

    Love this jawn! Kelly Rowland, not only is an absolute BANGER, but can also produce serious hits. I liked your take on this song and the power of motivation through love. Salute slime! Well said. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks my man… more Weezy coverage coming soon. I am definitely prepped for the Carter IV finally.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this tune!!

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